I met my fiancé for the first time 18 months AFTER we started dating, people say he’s using me but I know it’s love

A WOMAN has revealed how she met her fiancé for the first time 18 months AFTER they had already started dating – and not everyone approves.

Posting to TikTok, American woman Ashley Balk revealed that they met on Tinder Passports in March 2020 and met for the first time in real life in August of this year when she visited the UK.


Ashley Balk met her fiancé for the first time 18 months after datingCredit: TikTok
Ashley is from America and he's from the UK


Ashley is from America and he’s from the UKCredit: TikTok

In one video, she explained that the dating app lets users place their pin anywhere in the world.

On a whim, she chose England, saying she had always wanted to study there.

“I did it just for fun not thinking anything would come out of it but that’s how I met my fiancé,” Ashley explained.

“We talked for about a month before he asked me to be his girlfriend, virtually, of course, we spent a lot of time talking with each other on video chat and we met each other’s friends.”

Not everything has gone to plan though, as they had four trips cancelled due to the pandemic but now that they’ve finally met Ashley said it’s “the best thing ever in the world”.

Ashley has also been asked about how he proposed and explained that there have been a few complications there as well.

While he hasn’t officially proposed, Ashley said they refer to each other as fiancé’s because in their minds, that’s what they are.

“He got a ring and wanted to propose, he wanted to do a whole thing for his trip when he got here but it got cancelled,” she said.

“So we decided because the K1 fiancé visa takes forever, to just file it ahead of time knowing that we both wanted to eventually get married to each other. It takes over a year so we didn’t want to wait until he could come here so we filed it in March 2021.”

As this requires meeting people in person, Ashely and her fiancé had an exemption form and also filed a lot of affidavits proving their relationship.


She went on to say: “That’s the whole fiancé thing, he hasn’t officially proposed, he still wants to propose in person.

“He wants to do it over here in the States because I’m a photographer and I have a photographer friend who he really wants to capture it. He wants my family and friends there.

“Other questions I’ve been asked is he a murderer? No. Is he just coming for the green card? Also no, he’s from the UK. If I could go over there I would and eventually, we will.”

Some people who have watched Ashley’s videos haven’t been able to stop themselves from sharing their concerns about the relationship.

“I’m not against meeting anyone online but being engaged to someone you’ve never lived with or anything like that?” one person queried.

“Please be safe. This really doesn’t seem safe in the slightest,” another commented.

A third person added: “Wow I don’t think I could commit to someone before meeting them in person.”

Others threw their support behind the relationship, sharing their own similar experiences.

“I moved in with my partner after seven months together. I’d chosen to be single for eight years and when I knew I knew. Everyone has their opinions but no,” one person commented.

“Yay!! Makes my heart so happy. I met my husband on Facebook and he was in the UK and I was in the US. Now we’ve been married five years with two babies,” someone else said.

The duo originally started talking on Tinder


The duo originally started talking on TinderCredit: TikTok
The pair hasn't let the distance stop them from falling in love


The pair hasn’t let the distance stop them from falling in loveCredit: TikTok

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