I paid a hairdresser $250 for pretty balayage… but she made me look like Ronald McDonald

HAVING your hair done at the salon should be a relaxing experience, but for one girl whose stylist botched her balayage job it was nothing short of stressful.

She revealed online that they were left “so unhappy” after splashing out $250 (around £180) on the hair appointment that resulted in her hair looking nothing like she had wanted or hoped for.


A girl was left mortified after a hair stylist botched her $250 colour appointmentCredit: @ashambles/Tiktok

TikTok user @ashambles, known as Aamie had purposely picked out the salon, that reportedly comes with a five-star rating, after being recommended by a friend.

She had shown the stylist how she wanted her hair, with Aamie asking for a colour refresh and blonde balayage throughout.

Armed with a picture of the look she was going for, Aamie revealed she showed the image to her stylist five times – and they never once mentioned they wouldn’t be able to get the colour she desired.

“If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. I paid $250 for this disaster. I showed the hairdresser 5 times this photo,” she revealed in her video that has since been watched over 476k times.

Instead she was left with a deeper red shade all over and patchy colour throughout the ends of her hair and at the roots.

Fellow hair lovers were outraged by the botched job, with hundreds commenting on Aamie’s post.

Responding to one person, Aamie joked that she had left the salon looking like Ronald McDonald instead of with the chic hairstyle she had imagined.

The commenter had sympathised with Aamie, as they revealed: “OMG! This exact thing happened to me and I ended up having to go somewhere else to get it fixed. I wanted a cute ginger and got clown.”

Aamie replied: “Yeah I don’t remember asking for Ronald McDonald.”

She explained: “My hair was a washed ginger before I went in and asked for highlights and a refresh.”

Her post also attracted other hair stylists who were left baffled at her colour job gone-wrong.

I don’t remember asking for Ronald McDonald

When one asked whether the stylist had offered to fix it, Aamie explained that her appointment had been just before lockdown so salons were closed from then on – although, given the state of her hair now, she was reluctant to go back.

“Nope we went into lockdown that night and she fried my hair wouldn’t go back,” Aamie said.

In the end, she attempted to colour correct herself at home and revealed that she has since been given her money back by the salon after voicing how “unhappy” she was.

Aamie said: “I messaged [the stylist] and told her I’m so unhappy with it and she’s refunded me the money.”

Aamie was left devastated after she was left with a deeper red shade all over and patchy colour at the roots and ends


Aamie was left devastated after she was left with a deeper red shade all over and patchy colour at the roots and endsCredit: @ashambles/Tiktok

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