I quit my boring office job to join TikTok & now earn £100k a year

A SAVVY 24-year-old decided to take the plunge and quit her social media marketing job to become a full-time influencer – and now she’s earning £100k a year.

Vi Luong, from California, joined TikTok in 2019 and now has 1.1million followers, with each of her videos gaining hundreds of thousands of views.

Vi Luong quit her marketing job to become a full time influencer and now she’s earning bigCredit: Instagram/@_viluong/

Vi quickly found her niche, sharing advice for people starting a career in social media.

She then went on to upload a variety of lifestyle-related content, particularly how-to videos, get ready with me videos and behind-the-scenes footage of her modelling jobs and influencer events.

One of the videos that has performed the best for her so far is a video on about how to take Instagram photos on an iPhone, which is currently sitting at 2.9million views.


Another topic that has proven to be even more successful is do-it-yourself clothing hacks, with one video having received 11million views.

She told Business Insider: “I created a series on TikTok around how to be photogenic, pose, and how to edit.

“That’s what really blew up my account over the course of 2020.”

Vi explained that she quit her $43k (£32k) job after being on TikTok for 10 months to become an influencer full-time as her videos were starting to go viral.

This proved to be a wise decision, as now Vi can receive thousands of dollars for just one TikTok post.

The 24-year-old charges between $8,000 (£5,850) and $10,000 (£7,310) a post on the video platform and when working with brands, she charges $3,000 (£2,190) to $4,000 (£2,920).

As well as this, she earns $150 (£110) to $300 (£220) a month from the TikTok Creator Fund, which is the app’s built-in monetisation feature.

This amount can vary from month to month depending on how much content she posts during the time frame.

She said: “I started out by taking a handful of deals a month, but it can be a real time and energy suck,” she said.

This led to her making the decision to only prioritising high-paying jobs. She doesn’t accept anything under five figures and she makes sure to only work with brands she loves.

She typically works with fashion and beauty brands including Revolve and Nivea and has advised others going down a similar path to not take every brand deal they are presented with.

Vi’s sponsorship earnings for 2021 so far

  • February: about $19,000 (£13,880)
  • March: about $30,000 (£21,920)
  • April: about $32,000 (£23,380)
  • May: about $1,000 (£730 – Vi said May was an anomaly because some payments were delayed)
  • June: about $32,000 (£23,380)
  • July: about $17,000 (£12,420)

Most of Vi's income stems from brand deals, where she charges thousands


Most of Vi’s income stems from brand deals, where she charges thousandsCredit: Instagram/@_viluong/

The 24-year-old shares videos of the influencer events that she attends


The 24-year-old shares videos of the influencer events that she attendsCredit: TikTok/@viluong

Vi earns thousands a post when she works with brands


Vi earns thousands a post when she works with brandsCredit: Instagram/@_viluong/

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