I quit my job to teach online

A SAVVY mum-of-two has revealed how she earns a six-figure salary as an online teacher, without even having a teaching certificate or degree.

Laney Goff even quit her job working in customer service at an insurance agency so she can do it full-time, and now she teaches others to do the same.


Laney Goff shares how she earns a six-figure salary as an online teacher, without even having any qualificationsCredit: TikTok/@thisislifewithlaney/

Posting on her website and TikTok page Life with Laney, the savvy entrepreneur regularly talks about her work with Outschool – an education platform that offers online classes for children ages 3-18.

In a recent video on TikTok, Laney, who has two kids aged two and five, revealed exactly how she makes her money having been a stay-at-home-mum just two years ago.

Although she only teaches about 15 hours a week, she has multiple streams of income including blogging, referring, coaching and selling digital resources to other teachers.

While she has no teaching qualification, Laney revealed in a video on her YouTube channel than she does have a degree in Mass Communication, but her dreams of working as a radio host didn’t quite pan out.



Laney revealed that she’s always had a passion for “lesson planning” and “play-based learning” and started by launching a blog where she shared lessons she’d created for her own kids.

This led her to discover VIP Kid, the online teaching service she originally signed up for, before landing a full-time gig with Outschool.

According to Laney’s wesbite, “teachers with Outschool’s platform are hired as independent contractors and are allowed to teach an array of subjects.  These topics can range from geometry, dinosaurs, public speaking to cooking classes.”

While she teaches classes in the US and Canada, teachers can reside in other countries including England and Wales – meaning anyone can do it.

People who have seen Laney’s clips on TikTok were desperate to learn more, with some even begging for her to “tell me more.”

“Teach me your ways,” one person said.

“Details, I’m a teacher,” said another.

Others with no qualifications said they were “interested” as the income earned proved too hard to ignore.

The mum-of-two now teaches others how to do the same


The mum-of-two now teaches others how to do the sameCredit: TikTok/@thisislifewithlaney/

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