‘I run a luxury hotel for dogs – we have a chauffeur, a spa and a hot tub’


Rebecca Linnell, who set up The Country Dog Hotel & Spa in 2017, wanted to create an experience that she’d like her own dog to have – and the lucky pooches who get to visit are in for a treat

Rebecca wanted to set up the hotel based on how she’d like her dogs to be treated

The owner of a luxury hotel for dogs has given an exclusive insight into the five-star treatment lucky pooches get when they stay.

Rebecca Linnell, a foster carer, had always wanted to set up some kind of hotel for dogs, thinking of how she’d like her dog to be treated when she was away on holiday.

In 2017, she set up The Country House Dog Hotel in Taunton, Somerset, with the aim of giving much-loved pooches as much of a treat as their owners had on their trips away. And when you check your pup in for a stay, they can expect to be treated like royalty.

“We chauffeur all over the country in new Land Rovers. We have a mini fleet,” Rebecca told The Mirror.

Rebecca’s hotel gives dogs a five star experience during their stay


The Country Dog Hotel & Spa)

The hotel is equipped with a jacuzzi built especially so dogs can easily hop in and out


The Country Dog Hotel & Spa)

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When a dog is due to stay at The Country House Dog Hotel, their plush ride arrives at their door and takes them all the way to the site.

“They travel with a harness and a seatbelt. We have a fridge on board with cold water for them to drink and we put on Classic FM,” Rebecca said.

“When the dogs arrive, we check them in and give them a tag. Then we put all their stuff into a locker.”

After the dogs have been checked in, Rebecca explained the process of introducing them to other dogs staying at the hotel.

“The introduction is really slow. It’s not the kind of situation where they’re going to be like, ‘Oh my God, what’s going on’?”

Each dog is also greeted with homemade, organic dog treats which are imprinted with their name. They also get an extra bag of personalised treats to take home with them, alongside a ball and a goody bag.

Pooches can also enjoy being pampered in the spa


The Country Dog Hotel & Spa)

During their stay, the pampered pooches can spend time in the library area (which older dogs tend to prefer), the toy room, and the lounge, which is kitted out with sofa beds.

There’s also more than three acres of space outside for the dogs to roam around safely.

And the pups who like a bit of TLC can spend time in the spa, where they can frolick in the jacuzzi built especially for dogs.

They’ll also clip and groom the coats of the pooches while they’re at the spa, if their owners have paid for it.

Rebecca explained: “It’s part of our VIP package, which includes transport and the spa treatments. It’s like you’re going on an all inclusive holiday.

The pooches have several areas, including a lounge and a library, to chill out in


The Country Dog Hotel & Spa)

“We do days out to dog shows and we go to the beach too. We’ll just do different activities throughout the week the dog is staying. It’s basically whatever they enjoy, we’ll do.”

So how much would it set you back to send your pooch to The Country Dog Hotel?

A standard package at the hotel costs £50 a day, with a minimum stay of three days (although if you’re planning to give your dog a weekend stay, it’s a minimum of four days).

The VIP package, which includes an access-all-areas pass, individual walks alongside group walks, and a pampering session, costs £80 a day, with a minimum stay of seven days.

The one condition Rebecca must insist upon if a dog owner is considering sending their pooch to the hotel is that he or she is friendly with other dogs, because there will be plenty of interaction.

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Rebecca’s clients mainly contact The Country Dog Hotel via Messenger by Facebook, which is a good way for her to keep owners up to date.

“A lot of clients get in touch to find out about pricing but we also send them photos and updates of their dog during their stay,” she said.

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