‘I smoke weed when kids are asleep – others judge me but I don’t see a problem’

A mum has hit back at other parents who have slammed her decision to smoke weed while the kids are at home.

Instagram star Nicole, also known as @mostlywatermama, said many judge her for her lifestyle choice but doesn’t see a problem.

It is believed the young mum is from Florida, US, where cannabis is legal with a medical marijuana card.

She added that many mothers were already judgemental about her confession, but it hasn’t phased her.

Taking to her Instagram where she has over 27,300 followers, Nicole said: “How you choose to unwind after bedtime is your business.

“The important thing is that you do. So if alcohol is your thing, then do you boo, but don’t come at me for getting back to basics.”

Nicole added that not enough mums are supporting cannabis use as she claimed “we’re judged already”.

She says it’s just like drinking wine

She continued: “So can we all finally agree to stop bashing something that’s been legalised in over half the country?

“Whether it’s recreational or medicinal, we support it!”

Despite many not agreeing with her decision, there were a fair few who agreed with Nicole’s statement.

One woman wrote: “I know I’d prefer to bump into someone stoned having a giggle than someone drunk and aggressive.”

Another added: “Would rather be with the cannabis mums than the winos.”

Meanwhile Nicole isn’t the only parent who has openly said she likes to smoke while her kids are at home.

Caitlin Fladager, 27, recently hit back at trolls who say you can’t smoke weed when you have children.

The influencer, from Canada, often posts content about mental health, motherhood and weed.

Nicole on Instagram
Nicole made the confession on her Instagram page

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As cannabis is legal in her country, she is not breaking any laws by smoking a joint.

But not everyone is supportive of the mum-of-two’s decision who is open about her lifestyle.

In a recent post, she shared a clip where she defended her decision for having kids and smoking weed.

Posting to her 458,000 followers on Instagram, she asked: “Anyone else tired of hearing this?!”


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