‘I spent £2k on back-to-school clothes for son, 10, as he only wears designer’

Many parents will be buying their kids “back to school” items in the coming weeks.

But it’s unlikely many will have the same budget as 10-year-old Charlie Russell.

The primary school boy has a keen interest in high-end designers like Tommy Hilfiger and is also a fan of high-street sports brands Nike and Adidas.

So his mum Doris has splashed out almost £2,000 ahead of term kicking off again in September.

The doting parent has purchased an £120 Tommy Hilfiger coat and £80 worth of Calvin Klein underwear.

Charlie has also got some new pairs of shoes, including £120 Nike Airforce 1s and Phantom football boots worth £60.

Doris Russell is happy to support her son’s passion for fashion

Doris, who lives in Wimborne, Dorset, believes her son’s passion for fashion has come from modelling.

He has featured in campaigns for Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Zara, which is why he likes to look his best.

The 39-year-old, who is also mum to six-year-old Freddie, told Fabulous: “During lockdown, Charlie spent every day wearing designer gear and getting him out of it has been harder than ever.

“He won’t wear approved shorts for PE and only likes Adidas ones that are £34.99 each. And he wears £20 Nike T-shirts instead of cheaper ones the other kids wear.

“He wanted specialist Nike trainers for PE costing £70, as well as Nike football boots. We go through a few pairs a year.

“Even his socks cost a lot. He wears Adidas for PE and black Calvin Klein ones for uniform days, costing £40. I’m currently searching for a new backpack, Nike or Adidas.”

Charlie has a Tommy Hilfiger coat and other designer goodies

Model Charlie
He’s worked as a model for brands like Zara and Tommy Hilfiger

Doris added: “I’m lucky my other son likes Primark and doesn’t care what he wears. It’s a huge relief.”

Charlie goes to the hairdressers every month to maintain his sense of style.

These appointments cost £16 a pop but the parents happy to pay.

While some may judge Charlie for his expensive taste, his mum insist he isn’t “spoilt”.

She sees the clothes haul as a reward for the hard work her son does modelling and appearing in pageant shows.

In order to save up for the pricey items, Doris doesn’t often buy clothes for herself.

She earns around £25,000 as a foster carer, while her husband Daniel rakes in approximately £30,000 working as a border force officer.

Dad Daniel commented: “I’m impressed by his style. As long as he is happy with what he does and wears, that’s important.”

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