‘I told my bridesmaid to choose her dress but she picked her wedding gown’

Weddings may be a happy celebrations, but that doesn’t mean the big day doesn’t come with a heavy dose of drama most of the time.

Annoying siblings, rude guests and even the in-laws can cause a dramatic change in vibe during your nuptials.

And, clothing is often the spark that lights the fire…

In one woman’s case it was the wedding dress, but not her dress, that was the issue, reports the Sun.

Posting on Reddit, a bride explained that she was upset with her bridesmaid after they chose an outrageous outfit for her big day.

The bride-to-be noted that she and her partner were having a small event with around 30 people – but her university pals Carla and Sally were causing problems.

Carla, who got married six months earlier, had decided to wear her reception dress to the bride’s wedding…

Sally reported this to the bride who had said before that the bridesmaids could choose their own dresses. We’re not sure a wedding gown was what she had in mind.

The bride was fuming with her friends

Writing online, the bride said: “It’s quite glamorous and bridal too. I have picked a very simple wedding dress for myself – it’s expensive and I look great in it but it doesn’t have all that glitz!

“I understand that Carla too had a COVID wedding and not a lot of people got to see her dresses but still! However Sally did offer to talk Carla out of it, if I want.”

It sounds like Sally is being helpful, but she’s also causing issues.

The bride-to-be commented that Sally is dating a bloke who “sounds like a total waste of time from the things we’ve heard about him from Sally herself”.

But, the romantic is bringing her man to the event even though the bride doesn’t fancy him being there.

She noted: “Again, it’s a small wedding. Nobody has met him before. It will not only infuriate my family but also my fiancé and his family if a total stranger is there while a lot of close relatives could not be invited.”

The bride's dress was simple versus her friend's elaborate gown
The bride’s dress was simple versus her friend’s elaborate gown

The bride asked Reddit users: “Should I let Sally talk to Carla about the dress? I can’t talk to Carla directly because she hasn’t told me anything on this.

“Should I ask for Carla’s support to tell Sally she shouldn’t bring a stranger to my intimate wedding? I know Carla doesn’t like him either and he wasn’t invited to her wedding! (which probably caused her to ask me for an invitation for him).

“I feel like I’m not only about to get into fights with my friends, but also might cause a tiff between them.

“Am I overthinking? Should I just let them do what they want to? That seems like the only non-confrontational way out. I really don’t want to be a bridezilla.”

And, commenters quickly weighed in.

One said: “I don’t think you’re being a bridezilla but I do think you need to speak to them each separately. I know having difficult conversations isn’t nice, but you’ve rationally and politely explained each of your problems to us, you can absolutely do that to your two best friends.

“It could quite easily go sour if you try and get each of them to do your dirty work and they find out. “

Another added: “I don’t think you’re being a bridezilla but don’t see how one has to do with the other. Both situations seem unacceptable to me. Talk to each friend and resolve it.”

“If it were me I would send a group text to everyone clarifying the dress code, don’t say [wear] whatever, have some rules,” added another. “If you don’t want Sally to bring her guest then say due to our numbers we can’t accommodate another body or whatever.”

What would you do? Tell us in the comments below…


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