I told no one when I quit my job a year ago to sell wax melts

A WOMAN who started selling wax melts as a side-business has revealed how she didn’t tell anyone about her plans when she quit her job a year ago.

Alice started her business venture with her partner, Max, during the height of the UK lockdown last year caused by the pandemic.


Alice and Max have seen their business flourish in just a yearCredit: TikTok

Now in just a year, Alice and Max have gone from a brand new business, to posting 11k orders of their popular wax melts.

Alice and Max regularly use their TikTok account, dollmelts, to show people the behind the scenes of running a business.

Alice explains how the business came about, she said: “To cut a long story short we really struggled in the first lockdown, financially and mentally.

“I was having panic attacks, we were both going through job changes.

“It was just quite a scary time, we went for a walk and I said to Max, should we order a wax melt starter kit.

“Max was like “What?”

“I said I’ve seen a few videos let’s just give it a go, it will give us something to focus on.

“So we ordered it and put in £100 each, so we started it (the business) with £200, got a logo made and just started making them in the kitchen on the hob.

“Little did I know I would be doing this full-time.

“It’s changed my life, it’s so emotional to talk about it because it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Alice urges others to not give up on their dreams, “If you’ve got a dream, or an idea, or a vision, please just go for it. because you never know where it’s going to lead.”

Unfortunately, Alice was forced to leave her dream job at the start of last year due to personal reasons.

She says she decided to put all of her love and energy into her new venture, Doll Melts.

The wax melts are made of soy wax, which is allegedly non-hazardous and won’t release any toxins into the air whilst they burn.

Soy wax also allows for a stronger, longer lasting fragrance in the wax melts which means you can burn one cube multiple times.

Alice named Doll Melts after her beloved nan and writes on the website: “I truly feel we were sent this idea to help us through the emotional rollercoaster this year has been.

“Even though she would probably have to ask me what a wax melt was I’m sure she is watching over us on this new little adventure.”

A selection of wax melts that they offer


A selection of wax melts that they offerCredit: TikTok

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