“I Trust Nature And My Baby” – TikTok Mom Allows Her Baby To Eat Rocks, Sand, And Dirt!!

A TikTok mom has lit up a heating controversy on social media, sharing a clip of her child eating sand, rocks, and dust. 

Nature has often been titled the backbone of human existence. With spring approaching our doors, we celebrate nature. However, recently there are tons of interesting stories surrounding nature popping out on the Internet. One of those stories that got the attention of the netizens is about a mother who has found a new meaning to a natural diet. 

Recently, a TikTok mom shared a video of her toddler eating wood, rocks, and dirt. She claims that she believes in nature and is assured the online world would never harm the human body. But, combined with some creepy background music, she tried to portray her point, violating the scientific research. 

With covid-19 squeezing out life from the human population, people are now more aware of hygiene. However, it seems this TikTok mom has full trust in nature and has her roots in traditional thinking. 

At the start of the clip, the TikTok mom expressed her views on the mainstream medical industry quoting, “This did not happen by accident. It happened after…million-dollar campaigns intended to move the public’s perspective on health and hygiene.” 

The woman presented her views through the video, and the clip collected millions of views and likes. Whereas, to avoid negative comments, the woman turned off the commenting option. Therefore, the netizens could not express their opinions on the matter. 

But you simply can’t stop the audience. The TikTok viewers have expressed their views on different other videos. 

A mother’s video went viral, where she wanted to stop the trend of washing hands before touching babies. The netizens stormed the post with comments. At the same time, the comment section was divided into two groups. Many revealed that exposure to germs is actually good for the baby, and it will strengthen his immune system, while some were against it. 

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