I want to change my 9-month-old’s name

A MUM has confessed she wants to change her daughter’s name – because when she looks at her it doesn’t suit her.

The woman, writing on Mumsnet, revealed she didn’t think girl’s name which is Lyla Rose was right.


The mum has revealed she wants to change her child’s nameCredit: Getty – Contributor

And she added she rushed into naming her, now wanting to give her a more traditional name.

She said: “Since she was about 6 weeks old (just after we registered the birth) I have had a little regret about her name.

“I always had a shortlist of Olivia, Lyla, Emilia or Millie.

“We decided to go with Lyla Rose. I love her name, therefore have tried to just get on with it, however I really feel as though I have her the wrong name and I feel like a terrible parent for it.

“For some reason one of the other names just seems to suit her so much more so when I look at her I just see her as xxxxx.

“I have even thought about adding it as a forename, therefore xxxxx Lyla Rose, but I feel like people would think I’m crazy. I know you have a year to change the birth certificate.

“Please, please don’t judge I just feel as though this feeling isn’t going away and don’t want a lifetime of regret that I gave my baby the wrong name. I just want to know peoples thoughts.”

She then continued: “feel we rushed the decision at the beginning as there was a lot of pressure to choose a name.

“A lot of people do pronounce her name wrong as well, however, that doesn’t tend to bother me too much.

“I do feel that I should have given her a more traditional name. It is something that I’m becoming obsessed with and I just don’t want it to consume me or ruin my time with my baby.”

People thought, with the consent of her baby’s dad, she should do it.

“I know someone who changed their daughters name at three months,” said one woman. “And it was a complete 360 change. E.g called her legally Daisy and at three months renamed her Niamh.

Other people said Lyla-Rose was a lovely name


Other people said Lyla-Rose was a lovely nameCredit: Getty – Contributor

“There was about a month where everyone was like ‘wtf!?’ And then everyone just forgot and she’s Niamh now. If you want to do I think go for it. You wont be the first people to do so and you wont be the last.”

But other people said Lyla was a brilliant name. “I know a Lyla, such a beautiful name,” said one poster.

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