‘I was abducted by reptilian aliens and strapped to bed naked in UFO’, claims man

A Brit has recounted the story of what happened to him when he claimed he was abducted by “reptilian” aliens and taken on board their UFO.

Phillip Kinsella claims he had the alien encounter in 1989, where he was woken in the middle of the night before being levitated into a UFO. He said he was then strapped naked to a bed and probed.

The twin, who lived just outside of Bedfordshire at the time, suggested that the incident took place one night after he got home from work.

Speaking on the Coast to Coast podcast, he described remembering a bright light appearing early in the evening, with his twin brother Ronald then going into a “trance”.

However, Phillip said that it was after he had gone to bed that the horrifying incident occurred. He described being woken up and pulled towards an object before blacking out.

“The next thing I recall was I found myself in a kind of medical environment. It was a bit dingy, it was very hot. And I found myself naked.

“When I turned to my right, there were what I can only describe as – as ridiculous as it sounds – three reptilians, that didn’t communicate but they were in this kind of thicker mist.

“I was absolutely horrified, even more so when I found that there was some sort of implement that had been placed in the lower part of my region.”

An alien
Phillip Kinsella described his captors as ‘reptilian’ and as having ‘no empathy’
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He went on: “I was absolutely petrified and I started to scream and yell because I wanted them to take it out of me.

“I just wanted this thing out of me because it felt organic within the lower parts of my anatomy.

“These beings, whatever they were, had no compassion, no love, no sense of empathy at all.”

However, he recalled how he was rescued from the examination by a small “grey” lifeform.

“As it appeared, the device that was inside me was slowly retracted, the straps came off and I noticed that the three reptilians had just gone, they’d just disappeared,” he claimed.

A spaceship corridor
Phillip Kinsella said he was strapped to a bed naked by the aliens before something was inserted in the ‘lower part’ of his anatomy
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Phillip said the grey then ordered him to dress, communicating via “thought transfer” and then escorted him down to the ground and back into his body.

He continued: “I had some physical marks afterward the next day. My brother found three triangular marks behind my right ear, three marks on my right arm, and I also had profuse nosebleeds from my right nostril, and these stopped after two years.”

Strangely, it wasn’t the first time a member of the Kinsella family has allegedly been the subject of supposed alien abduction.

Phillip’s twin brother Ronald also claimed he had an extra-terrestrial encounter when he was supposedly abducted a few years earlier in 1982.

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