I was clinically dead and had no oxygen for 45 minutes after suffering a heart attack while my daughter was in labour

A WOMEN was clinically dead for 45 minutes after suffering a heart attack while her daughter was in labour.

Kathy Patten had no heart rate, pulse or oxygen for almost an hour after collapsing.


Kathy Patten was dead for about 45 minutes after collapsing

As medics desperately tried to bring her back to life, her daughter was giving birth rooms away at Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

She had been with her daughter, Stacey Fifer, awaiting the arrival of her granddaughter, before Kathy began to feel sick.

Medics sent her to the Emergency Room but before arriving she went into cardiac arrest.

Eventually she was brought back to life with a regular heartbeat and no damage to her brain.

While doctors tried to revive her mum, Stacey also started having difficulties with her labour – with baby Alora becoming stuck in the birth canal.

She required an emergency C-section with the newborn being delivered safely.

Kathy told CBS Baltimore: “I’m so grateful God gave me a second chance.

“I’m just going to be the best person I can be. It’s very scary, coming back is a second chance of life.”

Her daughter hailed her “a walking miracle”, adding: “It was just fate that my Mom was supposed to be here and it was ultimately because of Alora that my Mom is here and happened to be at the right place at the right time.”

A cardiac arrest, also known as cardiopulmonary arrest, happens when your heart suddenly stops pumping blood around your body.

Someone who has had a cardiac arrest will collapse unconscious.

Their breathing will be irregular and may stop, and they will be unresponsive.

It’s best to call an ambulance as soon as possible and carry out CPR if you can.

How to use a defibrillator – know what to do if someone has a cardiac arrest

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