I was infatuated with my married colleague

EVER wondered why people seem so much more attractive when they’re out of reach?

A sexpert has opened up about the moment she became “infatuated” with a male colleague, only to lose all interest when he tried to leave his wife for her.


Nadia Bokody has revealed how she was ‘infatuated’ by a male colleague, until he tried to leave his wife for herCredit: nadiabokody/Instagram
The Sydney-based sexpert says she fell foul to 'forbidden fruit syndrome'


The Sydney-based sexpert says she fell foul to ‘forbidden fruit syndrome’Credit: nadiabokody/Instagram

Nadia Bokody was in her early twenties when she fell foul to what she calls “forbidden fruit syndrome”, something she recounted to news.com.au.

The Sydney-based writer bonded with her co-worker “over a shared love of running” and started meeting up to exercise twice a week.

She admits: “Perhaps it was the endorphins, or a desire to escape the body insecurities plaguing me at the time, but I found myself developing an unhealthy infatuation with my running mate.”

And after months of flirting, her running buddy confessed he felt the same over drinks one night – and things continued to spiral.

Nadia continues: “’I’m consumed with thoughts of you,’ he texted one evening while away on holiday.

“’I’m not happy in my marriage. I’m leaving her,’ came another confession. This was what I wanted. I should have been exhilarated.

“Instead, with the barriers to our union removed, I realised – much to my own surprise – I wasn’t attracted to him at all.”

The paradox, Nadia says, is that we’re more likely to become hooked on things which are off limits, think KFC cravings when you’re on a diet.

One paper reviewing infidelity, by Zur Institute, found most affairs never make it beyond the “falling in love” phase and develop into a meaningful relationship.

This, they concluded, is because the intensity comes from “sexual attraction to an off-limits lover”, rather than in spite of it.

Nadia also believes love can be harder to receive “when we’re not convinced of our own lovability”.

Nadia says the same theory can be applied to diets, and is the reason most affairs don't develop into meaningful relationships


Nadia says the same theory can be applied to diets, and is the reason most affairs don’t develop into meaningful relationshipsCredit: nadiabokody/Instagram

She adds: “Admittedly, being able to recognise your innate worth is easier said than done. Even more than a decade on from my married crush, I’m only just beginning to embrace my own.

“But while I’m still tempted to chase an elusive figure back down a well-worn path, these days I find myself far more excited to lace up and head down a less familiar track – with someone who runs toward me.”

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