I went to the salon to top up my highlights

IF you’ve ever had your hair professionally dyed blonde before, then you’ll know how it can easily take hours to do.

So when TikTok user Jamie arrived at a local Canadian salon at 11.45am, she thought she’d probably be heading home by mid-afternoon at the latest.


Jamie went into the salon asking to go blonderCredit: jamiejunee/TikTok
Her hairdresser said the pink toner was all part of the process


Her hairdresser said the pink toner was all part of the processCredit: jamiejunee/TikTok

But little did she know, she would be there for over seven hours – and walk out with bright PINK locks.

In a viral video that’s racked up almost 180,000 “likes”, the 18-year-old social media star said she’d “just wanted to go blonder”.

To begin with, the hairdresser started by bleaching Jamie’s whole head to strip it of all colour.

Unsurprisingly, this turned the teen’s hair a dull yellow blonde shade.

After a quick lunch break, the stylist then promised that she would create Jamie’s chosen blonde.

In the next frame, she starts applying the toner with a brush around Jamie’s roots.

The teen wrote: “Now she was supposed to put the colour I chose which was blonde.”

However, Jamie (naturally) started to panic when the dye turned a vivid pink – but her hairdresser insisted that it was “magic” and all part of the process.

Documenting each stage of the process for her 362,000 followers, Jamie added: “This is me having a panic attack because it was in fact not magic and the lady had for real made my hair pink.”

Despite the hairdresser’s best efforts to rescue it, Jamie was left with a dark pink hue around her roots – and needless to say, she was absolutely fuming.

Jamie explained: “Since I tore a strip off of her, she said pick a darker colour and she will fix it.”

Showing off the finished results, the teen was left with purple roots and a light pink hue to her formerly blonde locks.

She was left with purple roots


She was left with purple rootsCredit: jamiejunee/TikTok
The rest of her hair had a pink hue


The rest of her hair had a pink hueCredit: jamiejunee/TikTok


Since she shared the clip earlier this month, Jamie’s followers rallied around her and said she really suited the pink shade.

One replied: “Y’all, it doesn’t matter if it looks good. She didn’t ask or pay for that colour.”

Another added: “Licensed hairdressers here. As you wash your hair, the toner will fade out.

“You should have a nice blonde after a few washes! Toner can be unpredictable.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “I would have walked out… literally.”

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