‘I won’t let my boyfriend’s children visit my home after they stole from me’

A woman said she could no longer trust her boyfriend’s children at her house after they stole from her and wrecked the room they were staying in, and the issue is putting strain on their relationship

The woman decided she didn’t want the children visiting any more

A woman has said she doesn’t want her boyfriend’s children visiting her home any longer – as they have been stealing things from her house.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her partner has children from a previous relationship and that she had welcomed them into her home.

But soon she started to notice things going missing, including expensive make up items, and eventually she was able to piece together that it was the children stealing things.

Then they started leaving rubbish around and drawing on the walls so she decided she’d had enough so banned them from visiting, and now the decision has had an impact on the pair’s relationship.

The woman is sick of her boyfriend’s children wrecking her house


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Telling her side of things on Reddit, the woman wrote: “So four years ago I bought the house of my dreams. I worked extremely hard to be able to afford my home and I love everything about it.

“Two years ago I met my boyfriend who had recently split from his ex-wife. About two weeks after that he starting bringing his kids around, age five and seven at the time.

“I have cleaned out a spare bedroom for them bought them beds and dressers.

“My boyfriend’s children, however, have a stealing problem and they have stolen numerous items from me such as expensive makeup mostly.

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“A few weeks ago I went into their bedroom which I usually don’t do since it is their private space and I found clothes and trash all over the place.

“I told my boyfriend twice I wanted the room cleaned and needless to say, it never happened.

“I went in there a few days ago and found that they had drawn on the window sill and put some sort of foam on the wall where it has now dried.

“I feel that they are ruining something I worked so hard for and that at their age they should know better. My boyfriend is now mad at me because I told him that I have given them many chances and I am sick of it.”

After sharing her story on Reddit, other users were quick to comment – with most people saying that both the woman and her boyfriend were in the wrong.

One said: “The problem is that you have a boyfriend who is a s****y dad. Him and his kids are one package so you can’t just get rid of one – just break up with him.”

While another wrote: “Don’t date him, because he’s a careless parent and a careless boyfriend. Let him go.

“It would be very unfair to tell a father that his kids aren’t welcome in a house he lives in or visits often for considerable time so it would be better you move on from this.”

“Your boyfriend should actually parent his kids”, added a third. “Your problem is a boyfriend problem, not a kid problem.

“It’s pretty ridiculous to expect children to actually follow rules and treat people and their things with respect if literally none of their parents are bothering to actually parent them.”

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