I work 12-hour night shifts but my husband won’t let me nap during the day

A WOMAN has shared the current state of her marriage after her husband screamed at her for taking naps during the day – after she works 12-hour nights shift at a retail company.

This has been an ongoing situation for her for months now.


A woman described that she works 12-hour shifts at night and is lacking serious sleepCredit: Getty
Her husband gets mad if she has to take a nap during the day


Her husband gets mad if she has to take a nap during the dayCredit: Getty

A 33-year-old working mom ranted about the recent issues she’s been having with her husband, who can’t seem to get enough of her attention.

Posting to Reddit, she said: “I work as an overnight manager at a big chain retail store.

“I live about 40 minutes away and I work AT LEAST 12 hours as my relief in the morning is always late.

“I also often have to pick up extra days as that’s one of the extra responsibilities for my position. I’m scheduled 8-8 but usually leave work about 8:30. Also, anyone who has worked overnights stocking knows it’s very physical. Like I used to be 295lbs and now I hover between 135lbs-145lbs. I almost never get breaks and by the time I leave, I’m usually beat.

“I also have children and often have to come home and clean some type of mess and prep some things, or do errands before laying down to sleep for the day.

“I also make it an absolute point to wake up earlier than I have to (so less sleep during the week) as to hang out with my husband and children before work.

“On my first day off I try and nap 2-3 hours while the kids are in school so I can be awake when everyone gets home. This usually works.

“Sometimes if it has been a rough week I fall asleep on myself during family time. No matter how hard I try to push through, the only cure is sleep.

“My husband has started (well he always has but is wearing me down) saying that I should be used to this shift and I shouldn’t need maps. That I’m using naps to ‘check out’ and avoid hanging out with him.

“Even though, I spend every single second I AM awake with him. We do errands together, shower together, drive the kids to school together. Everything I possibly can while I’m awake to make up for the fact that I MAY need a nap on my off day.

“I think, obviously my body needs sleep or it wouldn’t basically shut down like that. But maybe from the outside, it can seem like I’m using it as an ‘out.’

“My husband does end up having to cook/clean/parent while I’m asleep.”

She also admitted that due to her intense work schedule and lack of sleep, she’s found herself almost falling asleep at the wheel.

Following her story, many took to the comment section to blast her husband, who didn’t seem to understand her needs.

One person wrote: “He’s going to get you seriously injured or even killed if you fall asleep behind the wheel.

“I know this, because I used to work an overnight shift, and I didn’t get enough sleep. One day, I nodded off behind the wheel on my way to work, and nearly got myself killed.”

A second agreed with the first reader, adding: “Seriously listen to everyone here. I once tried to commute about 45 minutes to college, had a full day of classes, and then drive home on way too little sleep.

“I fell asleep on the highway.

“Thank God the road was dry and I had good alignment, otherwise I would have gone off the road. Thank God the person in front of me was paying attention. I got woken up by them blaring their horn as I was racing towards their minivan from behind at about 75 mph. I had a second to switch lanes.

“This was about 10 years ago and I still get so scared when I think about what could have happened that day.”

And lastly, another person added: “Seriously, why are you not allowed ANY time to yourself without him demanding you make it up to him?

“That is incredibly co-dependent thinking on his part, and makes me nervous for your long-term mental health.”

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