If You’re A Cancer, Do This Self-Care Routine

If heading to the spa after your therapy session doesn’t do the trick, classic escapism can work well for cancers as well. Cancers may like to curl up with a good book with an enthralling storyline or have a marathon of their favorite movies to detach from their sometimes overwhelming emotions. Cosmopolitan suggests a romantic comedy day where they can kick back, relax and lose themselves in the nostalgia.

Just like their symbol the crab, cancers love and thrive in water. Vogue suggests drawing yourself a bath with lots of Epsom salt and oils to help your mind and body wind down. Try it during a full moon for an extra healing vibe! You can also add crystals, your favorite relaxing music and other sensory items that help you feel your best while you soak. After you’ve bathed, grab your journal to free-write whatever has been on your mind. Getting it out onto paper without judgment can help you clear your mind and let go of anything holding you back.

Lastly, breathwork is great for cancers because it brings them back to their bodies. By focusing on your inhales and exhales, you’ll help alleviate stress while increasing your resistance to daily stressors. 

Take it from a crab, it’s better to curl up and take it slow sometimes! Cancers can benefit from doing just that.

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