I’m 20 but banned from my brother’s wedding as his fiancee doesn’t want ‘children’ there, she wants me to watch 40 kids instead

WEDDINGS are stressful at the best of times, as couples have to navigate the gravity of the day, and also the family politics.

But one couple really ruffled some feathers by banning “children” from their wedding – and saying that meant no one under 21 could attend – despite the fact that the groom’s sister was 20 years old.


The upset sister took to Reddit to explain that she couldn’t go to her brother’s ‘child-free’ wedding as she was 20 years oldCredit: Getty

The distraught sister explained that she and her partner (also 20) had been asked to child mind 40 children instead.

Writing on Reddit, she said: “I was extremely close to my brother growing up, he’s my favorite out of all my siblings.

“However, when he started dating Emily [his fiancee], we kinda grew apart but we still talk often.

“Emily, on the other hand, we don’t get along at all. She hasn’t done anything to me, I haven’t done anything to her, we just don’t see eye to eye on things.”

She then explained that tensions had heightened with the wedding plans.


She said: “They’re having a “child-free” wedding. But in Emily’s eyes, a child is anyone under twenty-one years old. I know, dumba** rule. Originally, I wasn’t allowed to be there for the ceremony or reception.

“I told Nate how much it would hurt to not be there for his big day, so he ended up convincing Emily to let me stay for the ceremony.”

But despite not feeling welcome the 20-year-old was also asked to take on a job for the day.

She explained: “We had a family dinner earlier this week and Emily brought up that she would like to have a daycare service for the children of her guests at the wedding.

“And somehow, she mentioned that she would love for me and my boyfriend (20m) to look over the kids.

They’re having a “child-free” wedding. But in Emily’s eyes, a child is anyone under twenty-one years old.

“We were on board with it until we heard that we’d be watching 40-ish kids for six hours, and only get paid $50 each.

“We agreed that we’d do it for $150 each, but Emily insisted on her original offer.

“And then Nate got involved, saying he told Emily that we’d be happy to watch the children and it would save them a lot of money, and how it’s too late for them to find a different sitter.”

As neither side budged the feud got increasingly heated. Emily even went as far as to announce that the sister should be paying her in exchange for the experience.

The sister was accused of ruining the wedding and told she wouldn’t be welcome at the ceremony at all.

She explained that she loves children so normally wouldn’t mind looking after the children but felt on principle her time wasn’t being respected.

Now the whole family has chipped in, annoyed at the sister for not being more accommodating.

She said: “My phone has been blowing up all evening, telling me that I should want to do anything that will make my brother’s wedding perfect and I’m being a childish a******.

“Sure it sucks I’ll probably not be at the wedding, but I’m sick of Emily being a b**** to me. I feel bad for putting [my brother] in this position and I hope this doesn’t ruin our relationship too much, but it is what it is.”

You probably don’t get along with [your sister-in-law] because she seems exceedingly entitled and ungrateful.

Fellow Reddit users were outraged by the tale and were quick to take the sister’s side.

One said: “They don’t want you to attend the wedding but you’re allowed to work it?!?

“If she thinks 21 is a child, tell her it’s irresponsible to have a child in charge of 40 other children and decline.”

While another agreed: “And I think you and your boyfriend need to decline the invitation to the wedding, both the ceremony and reception. Make plans to be elsewhere.

“Remind people that Emily tried to ban you as you were under 21. At that point you could have planned to go away, what would have happened then? They’d have had to get alternate babysitters.”

And a third said: “You probably don’t get along with Emily because she seems exceedingly entitled and ungrateful.

“It’s not about the money though…it’s a matter of safety. 40 kids (and I’m guessing the ages vary wildly) is *not* feasible for 2 adults, across 6+ hours. This isn’t within the context of a classroom, or an athletic team.”

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