I’m a bikini waxer & I don’t care if your tampon string is hanging out & loads of other stuff doesn’t bother me either

A BIKINI waxer has given very honest details on what it is like working in the job – and it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. 

TikTok user Priscilla Bond revealed that she is totally used to seeing tampon strings hanging out and even wiping up bodily fluids. 


Bikini waxer Priscilla Bond said she doesn’t mind if tampon strings are hanging outCredit: TikTok/@idwaxthatbeautybar
She said that bodily fluids don't bother her and she doesn't want to embarrass anyone


She said that bodily fluids don’t bother her and she doesn’t want to embarrass anyoneCredit: TikTok/@idwaxthatbeautybar

One follower asked the beauty professional if she ever has to deal with a client’s discharge during an appointment. 

Priscilla, who posts under @idwaxthatbeautybar, replied: “Yes this happens pretty often and it doesn’t even phase me. 

“If this does happen mid service I’ll just get a tissue and clean where I have to and not make it obvious. 

“Usually it’s not enough for me to have my client get up and wipe, and I don’t wanna embarrass anyone.”

Priscilla also seemed very understanding and relaxed when it came to other areas that some women get self-conscious about.

She continued: “But if you’re coming to me to get a wax you most likely know, I don’t care about your tampon string.


“I don’t care about your sweaty a** and your discharge doesn’t bother me.”

Her video has racked up over three million likes, and many people praised her down-to-earth approach. 

One said: “Yep I’d only go to you to get waxed.”

Another person added: “You are literally our TikTok best friend.”

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