‘I’m a fat woman married to a bodybuilder – people mistake me for sugar mama’

A woman has slammed trolls who called her a “sugar mama” for bagging a bodybuilder husband.

Alicia McCarvell married her best friend Scott five years ago – and said her partner gives her unconditional love no matter her size.

Scott was smitten with his partner when she was a size 24, then down to size 4 and now at size 18.

She shared videos of their day-to-day lives on TikTok – including their workout videos.

In one clip, the lovely couple pair up for a workout challenge. Scott gives Alicia a kiss before passing a heavy dumbbell to her.

While Alicia is ready for a deep squat, Scott is in position for a push up and the pair go in unison as they listen to music playing in the background.

Alicia married to her high school sweetheart and they enjoyed doing exercise together

In another video, Alicia opened up about how she felt when she was a size four a few years ago.

Looking back at old pictures, she said: “I hated myself and I started making unhealthy and unmaintainable decisions to my weight, which I thought it was going to solve my problem.

“But it didn’t, I put back on every single pound and I realised it had nothing to do with my body.

“I choose to deal with my body with respect and with love, and here I am.”

Alicia also posted a video titled “Questions I get asked as a fat woman married to a muscular man”.

In the clip, she hit back at mean comments, with one asking if she was worried that her husband would cheat on her.

But she confidently said: “Not even a little bit.”

“Are you his sugar momma?” another suggested, to which Alicia frowned and responded: “No, we make our own money.”

Alicia said they both make their own money and she is not her husband's sugar mama
Alicia said they both make their own money and she is not her husband’s sugar mama

Some asked if Scott “made her go to the gym”, but the TikToker said her husband “doesn’t make me do anything”.

Others thanked Alicia for spreading “self-love” and confidence in her videos.

One said: “A relationship doesn’t have to make sense for anyone except the two that are involved.

“It’s a relationship, not a community project.”


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