I’m a messy person but my tips will teach you how to keep a tidy house really easily

A SELF-CONFESSED messy woman has shown her laid back life hacks to keep your home tidy.

The woman shows how with minimal effort you can keep the mess under control and maintain organisation.

Emma Cunningham took to her TikTok account where she posts under the domain @emmacunninghammm to share her tidying tips.

“Non-traditional organisational hacks from someone who is traditionally very messy,” she says.

She starts off by explaining what she does with clothes that are relatively clean but have been worn by pointing out a small basket.

“Half dirty hamper, this is for clothes, that is not clean enough to put back in the drawer, but not dirty enough to put back in the wash,” said Emma.

Next, she shows off her “designated junk corner” to keep all her miscellaneous items in one place.

“My junk corner, if I didn’t have this, I’d go nuts, I just let it happen,” she said.

For her final tip, she recommends shoving her shoes under a chair in her room as it’s easy to pop them in.

“Right when I walk in the door, there are chairs there so this is where I put shoes.”

The video which has over 364 K views was met by comments by those interested in the easy organisation.

“Omg the hamper! I literally gasped from the genius, thank you” commented one person.

“You have literally just changed my life” said another.

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Woman shows how to keep junk organised


Woman shows how to keep junk organisedCredit: Tiktok / @emmacunninghammm

The hamper is called a gamechanger


The hamper is called a gamechangerCredit: Tiktok / @emmacunninghammm


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