I’m a mum-of-15 and have SIX 13-year-old kids, people always ask where they sleep and how I keep my house so neat

PEOPLE can’t believe how neat and tidy this mum’s house is – she has 15 kids, including six 13-year-olds, and the place is still spotless.

Mum Kelly stunned everyone when she gave her Tiktok followers a house tour, showing where all of her children sleep. 


Fifteen children live in the house, with most sharing bedrooms with their siblingsCredit: @momtomany15/Tiktok
Mum Kelly was praised for her super tidy home


Mum Kelly was praised for her super tidy homeCredit: @momtomany15/Tiktok

In the video, she explained: “We get this question asked a lot so we wanted to give an insight of where our kids sleep.”

All the kids share with their siblings in the same age range, with most bedrooms sleeping two or three children.

Only Kelly’s eight-year-old gets her own room, as she’s the only child that age.

Even Kelly and her husband share their room with McKinley, who’s just four months old.

The family is made up of Kelly’s biological children and adopted children, but the mum does not reveal which of her children are hers biologically and which are adopted.

When she was asked to say which of her kids are biologically hers, she said: “It’s okay to ask, we just don’t want to put labels on them. They are all our babies.”

Many commenters were extremely impressed with Kelly’s parenting – and with her super tidy home.

One stunned viewer wrote: “I’m just amazed how you have that many boys in a room and it’s still so clean?!”

Another added: “Fabulous use of space! Beautiful rooms!”

“Your house is immaculate. It just looks like it’s out of a magazine”, wrote a third.

One admiring viewer said: “Can I just say I love the rooms, so pretty and the fire house one is soo cute! So cleverly done!!”

Kelly assured commenters that her home isn’t always picture perfect.

She wrote: “It is a real struggle, let em catch them on a bad day and everything from the pantry is behind their bed lol.”

The toddler boys' room received a lot of positive attention for its cute design


The toddler boys’ room received a lot of positive attention for its cute designCredit: @momtomany15/Tiktok
Kelly and her husband share their room with baby McKinley


Kelly and her husband share their room with baby McKinleyCredit: @momtomany15/Tiktok

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