I’m a mum-of-eight and here’s the reason I don’t buy my kids any Christmas presents

A MUM-of-eight has revealed why she no longer buys her kids Christmas presents – and why they are still excited for the big day.

Angie, who posts under @calmingthechaotic, said she was beginning to feel “overwhelmed” shopping for her large brood.


Mum-of-eight Angie has revealed why she doesn’t buy her kids Christmas presents anymoreCredit: Instagram/@calmingthechaotic/
Instead of buying all her kids gifts, she gets them to pick a sibling's name out of a hat and get something for them


Instead of buying all her kids gifts, she gets them to pick a sibling’s name out of a hat and get something for themCredit: Instagram/@calmingthechaotic/

Taking to Instagram, she shared: “2 years ago I changed how our family does Christmas. 

“Having many fall and winter birthdays plus 2 birthdays close to Christmas. 

“I felt overwhelmed with the amount of stuff. Plus not being the best at gift giving. 

“I decided to stop buying gifts…”

Angie shared that instead of her forking out for numerous expensive gifts, each child pulls a sibling’s name from a hat and then buys for them.

She explained: “They have to think what that person would want and pick it out.”

The mum said that as her kids are under the age of 10, she still has to budget for buying the gifts as they don’t have their own money.


She added: “But as they grow older they will start buying. 

“And they can choose now to contribute some with their own money. 

“They like what they get more because there’s less and they look forward and wonder throughout the year who will get who. 

“And even talk about what they would pick for each other. 

“Everyone likes this and it took a lot of my overwhelm away around the holidays.”

Angie shared how her kids are still very excited for Christmas – despite the reduction in gifts – and talk about it all year round.

Many people praised her idea, with one saying: “Love this!!”

Another added: “My sis limited gifts to a book and 2 gifts each and my niece and nephew were as happy as any kids.”

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