I’m a nursery worker and this is what we really think if your child won’t stop crying when you drop them off

A NURSERY worker revealed what staff really think when a child can’t stop crying at drop off time.

While the team will often offer polite replies to the problem, TikToker The Nursery Nurse broke down what they’d like to say in her usual funny, but brutally honest way.


The Nursery Nurse explained that it doesn’t help when a parents sticks around at drop offCredit: @thenursery_nurse/Tiktok
In the funny skit the Nursery Nurse was brutally honest about the issue


In the funny skit the Nursery Nurse was brutally honest about the issueCredit: @thenursery_nurse/Tiktok

In the short clip, The Nursery Nurse acted out a skit where she spoke to a parent.

The “parent” said: “His last nursery was awful! He cried for hours at handover!”

To which, the Nursery Nurse replied: “That must have been awful for you!”

The “parent” then said: “It was! I couldn’t leave until he stopped crying, so I would hang around for ages at handover.”

At this point the Nursery Nurse stopped being polite and explained to the over-attentive parent: “It’s you babe.”

She explained: “Parental guilt is completely understandable, it’s our job to ensure they receive the affection and comfort they need to settle. [The little one’s] needs come first.

“Most of the children cried at handover when first starting but they ended up loving coming in. We have family photos to help with the first weeks.”

Other’s were quick to agree saying that they often thought a parent’s actions ultimately upset the child more.

One said: “Parents don’t realise them staying makes it worse!!”

Another agreed: “Oh you have to just leave. First day my girl cried. I cried for an hour’s commute only to get a picture of her ten minutes later happy as Larry! They’re always ok.”


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