I’m a REAL mum – I give my kids screentime so I don’t listen to them moan and swear when they’re irritating

MOST OF us wouldn’t dream of criticising another mum for their parenting techniques.

Parenting is hard enough as it is, and all of us have different techniques that work for our kids.


Kayleigh shared a list of ‘mum things’ she does and was hailed for being a ‘real mum’Credit: TikTok/@kayleighwilliams.x

But online you often see mums get criticised for their parenting techniques.

One mum has revealed all the things ‘deemed bad’ that she does herself as a parent, and shows how being a REAL mum does not always mean you are always perfect.

TikTok user, kayleighwilliams.x said: “I’m sorry but I am that mum who…”

She captioned the video: “I may get comments for this.”

Kayleigh is a mum-of-two to her son Harry and newborn daughter, Zara.

She said: “I allow screentime because I can’t be bothered with the moaning.

“Will mutter “f*** you*” under my breath when my toddler gets a little too big headed.

“I’m not afraid to put people in their place when they watch my toddler have a tantrum.

“I co-slept on and off for three years because I appreciate my sleep.

“Has no idea what she is doing but flukes it daily.”

There were lots of mums who agreed with Kayleigh, one mum said: “Just a real mum, as mum of three boys I do every single one of these. Winging life but my boys are happy, healthy and loved , what else matters?”

In the comment section Kayleigh said she tells her toddler, “oh p**s off then”, if he doesn’t like what his mum says.

Another mum said she “loves shouting what are you looking at” when her child is having a paddy.

To which, Kayleigh responded with her own comeback when people stare at her kids when they are upset in public.

She wrote: “I say, it’s a fiver to watch love.”

Kayleigh also confessed to hiding herself in cupboards to eat and get a moment of peace away from the kids.

Users who viewed Kayleigh’s video were in strong agreement with her.

One wrote: “Just a real mum, I am that mum too hahah.”

Another user claimed: “If you don’t do all of these things are you even a mum?”

A third person commented: “Bang on with every one. I never ban screens I mean, it’s not me who is meant to be punished.”

Kayleigh said she tells people watching her kids have tantrums that it is £5 to watch


Kayleigh said she tells people watching her kids have tantrums that it is £5 to watchCredit: TikTok/@kayleighwilliams.x

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