I’m a single mom of twins

SIBLINGS are always wondering if their parents have a favorite kid.

Well, this mom has no shame admitting that she has a favorite out of her twin daughters.

A mom shared that she has a choice out of her twin daughtersCredit: TikTok/Maia Knight

She was excited to be out with her favorite one


She was excited to be out with her favorite oneCredit: TikTok/Maia Knight

Single mom Maia Knight has two beautiful twin daughters: baby Scout and Violet, who are not even a year old.

Getting into her car after grocery shopping at Walmart, she said in her video: “Scout and I just got back from the grocery store.

“And yes, before anyone comments anything, Scout is my favorite. And that is why I brought her with me, and I did not bring her sister…”

She proceeded to talk about her day with her “favorite” daughter, saying how she had been banned from her college campus because she had allergies, and they wanted to be extra careful.

Unfortunately, after she had uploaded her adorable video, many moms shamed her for daring to say she had a favorite daughter.

One mom wrote: “So wrong to say you have favorites. Not nice at all.

“You are going to hurt them one day if they ever see this. So wrong.”

A second one said: “No parent should ever tell a particular child is their favorite.

“It’s extremely detrimental for the other sibling, always wondering why they were never enough.”

And a third commented: “I hope you are kidding, but someday, your daughter may see this, and it will be hard to explain.”

However, mom Maia was kidding because she says the same thing about her daughters whenever she goes out with just one.

In a previous video, she was out with daughter Violet for a shopping trip.

She also proceeded to call her “her bestie” and “her favorite” after showing off the outfits she had bought at the store.

She was actually being sarcastic and both are her favorites


She was being sarcastic, and both are her favoritesCredit: TikTok/Maia Knight


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