I’m a terrible mum – I’m selfish, I don’t like playing with my kids & I banish them to their room so I can be alone

A WOMAN who always dreamt of being a mum admits that she’s a terrible parent because she’s “selfish, self absorbed” and enjoys her alone time way too much.

The mum was desperate for kids when she first met her partner, and they’d planned to have three by the time she was 30 after marrying in their mid-20s.


The mum said she always wanted to have kids but now she thinks she’s a terrible mumCredit: Getty

While she loves her kids, the woman admits that she’s not a “great mother” because she is “just too selfish and self-absorbed”.

“I’ve never been the kind of mum who actually likes playing with my kids. When they were toddlers I played with them as much as I could but I found myself getting so irritated over the slightest thing,” she told Nine Honey.

The frustrated mum said she complains every time the kids ask her to do something, and when they were small, she’d “fly off the handle” if ever they argued.


She said: “I just had no patience for them when they were small. And now that they’re getting older, I haven’t improved.”

What’s more, the fed up parent said she that at 8:30 sharp every night she’ll banish her kids to the bedroom just so she can get some alone time watching Netflix.

She does this so they know “they must not disturb me,” but she knows it’s a selfish thing to do.

Her sister, on the other hand, is a “really good mother” and constantly tells her that she’s being selfish, and alone time as a busy mum should be a rarity.

The mum admits that she’s “trying to change” her ways because she doesn’t want their dad to be known as the “fun parent” while she’s remembered as being a selfish mum.

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