‘I’m a Traveller who people call inbred and are scared of – but I’m really nice’

An Irish Traveller has hit back at trolls who called her an “inbred” and said she is proud of her lifestyle.

Mandy Marie Gavin received a torrent of vile comments on TikTok after posting videos about the stereotypes of being a Traveller.

In one video, she said she was labelled as “inbred b***h” and that people were afraid of her because of the community she belonged to.

“I am actually really nice,” she smiled and said Travellers were not scary people.

In another video she said: “15-year-old traveller girls dropping out of school. We don’t need school, we only need to know how to read price tags.”

Mandy debunked some of the myths about Travellers and said they were not bad people

It attracted waves of negative comments as one said: “They get their money stealing and scamming people if that’s what you are into.”

“Sad existence then,” a second added.

Mandy then pinned her comment and hinted that it was a joke.

“I am very proud to be a Traveller, when I do TikTok videos about lifestyles as a traveller, it’s only a joke,” she mentioned in a third clip.

“I am allowed to do it because I am a traveller. If it’s a second person, not a traveller, making jokes about it, this will be a different story.

“I just want to put it out there that when I say things about traveller, I’m joking.”

She called out on people who bad-mouthed her and other travellers
She called out people who bad-mouthed her and other Travellers

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Some viewers showed support to Mandy and told her not to “mind non-Travellers bad-mouthing Travellers”.

One wrote: “Exactly but people think that we’re all bad and we will hurt them but we won’t!”

Meanwhile, Irish Travellers Lizzy Mac, 20, and Caitlin, 18, also opened up on their daily lives and shared some of the mean comments that have been made about them.

They have been called names including “Pikey, dosser, Tinker” and “gypo”, but in reality, they’re “just humans”.

The pair even revealed they have been kicked out of restaurants and nightclubs because of the way they sound.


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