I’m a wedding planner & these are the best Bridezillas moments I’ve seen

When you’re tying the knot, there’s so much going through your head, it can be easy to have a one bridezilla moment or two – even if you promised you wouldn’t!

But luxury wedding planner Poppy Brown has revealed bridezillas are the ‘norm’ and she’s seen a fair few during her career.



Wedding planner Poppy reveals the seven worst Bridezilla moments she’s seenCredit: Getty – Contributor

Poppy, who runs Your Best Day Ever, and has been in the industry for over six years said: “I definitely don’t think everyone becomes a full bridezilla although it does happen.

“Sometimes brides can become stressed, or pernickety about small details that on the day they won’t even notice or it can be friends or family who tip them over the edge.

“It often boils down to how they envisage their day or if they have ‘been dreaming of this day since they were a little girl’ and generally how you are as a person.”

Poppy has certainly had to mitigate a few ‘bridezilla’ moments in the past and has revealed the worst, bizarre and fussiest things she’s seen during her day job…

1. A number obsessive

Waiting for your big day has cursed a fair few brides over the past two years but one of Poppy’s clients is playing more of a numbers game when it comes to her big day.

She said: “One of my brides waited three years to get married as she wanted her wedding day on 22-02-2022 as she liked how the numbers looked.”

2. Earring diva

One moment that screamed ‘bridezilla’ was when a bride of Poppy’s threatened to remove one of her bridesmaids from the bridal party because she didn’t have her ears pierced and wanted all the bridesmaids to wear matching earrings.

They all ended up wearing clip-ons instead! Phew.

3. Timing tigress

Another funny situation was when one of Poppy’s clients had a rehearsal ceremony practice that lasted three hours.

She said: “They normally only last one hour at the most. But this bride wanted the bridesmaids to walk in a very specific way up the aisle, each step had to be in perfect timing to the song!”

4. Three time charmer

One time, expert wedding planner Poppy saw one of her clients change their dress THREE times before the wedding.

She said: “It was stressful to say the least as we then had to find a dress that fit her perfectly… in the middle of a busy wedding season!”

Poppy says she's seen some Groomzillas in her time too


Poppy says she’s seen some Groomzillas in her time tooCredit: Getty – Contributor

5. Strictly no requests

Another ‘bridezilla’ emerged when she met her wedding band and handed them a very specific 160 song playlist.

“It had to be played in a certain order, and the bride didn’t allow any requests from guests either! The same bride screamed at the band mid-way through a set as they played a song in the wrong order.”

6. An all eyes on me

Another Bridezilla moment that the expert wedding planner witnessed was when one of the brides she was working with sent a letter to all of her guests kindly requesting that no one else got married in the same month as her that year!

7. Dress code drama queen

Poppy said: “We had some very specific dress codes for one wedding that the bride was adamant about. The bride even employed someone to check that guests adhered to this. This list had six different requirements and rules!”

Poppy has been in the business for six years


Poppy has been in the business for six yearsCredit: Poppy Brown

To prevent too many Bridezilla moments from happening, Poppy, does a number of things.

She said: “I ensure that my couples are kept up to date with all behind the scenes planning.

“I initially create mood-boards for my couples so that they can see their wedding on paper and this makes the day feel ‘real’, but they also know that I envisage and understand their day in the same way as them.

“I organise regular catch up meetings over a coffee (or cocktail!) to go over all details and to keep them excited and relaxed about their big day.”

She also has in-person meetings with potential and agreed suppliers so that clients can see the high-quality products/services that they will be receiving on their wedding day

Plus, in the run-up to the wedding, Poppy organises rehearsals to make sure that her couples feel comfortable on the day and know exactly what they will have to do.

She added: “Lastly, I often become a counsellor/therapist whenever this is needed.

“This may be listening to family feuds, moans or general ‘vents’ from my couples – often they just need to let it all out!

“But, grooms can definitely become Groomzillas too.”

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