‘I’m Hurt by His Insistence’: A woman was hurt when her unemployed fiancé asked for rent.

Should women pay rent when living with their partners? A woman was hurt when her fiancé asked for rent after she moved in with him. The apartment they lived in belonged to his parents, and he insisted she pays rent to them. 

When two people live in the same house, it is expected that both contribute equally in paying the rent. However, when it comes to a couple living in a rented house, they don’t always agree on splitting the bill due to various reasons.

Couples don’t agree on splitting the rent because the house location doesn’t suit one of them. It’s either far from their workplace or too expensive for them. They would like to shift to a place where the rents are affordable. On the other hand, their partners disagree and insist on living with them only.

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Living with someone who doesn’t earn money can be pretty tricky, especially when it’s your boyfriend. A user named TinyEstablishment98 posted on Reddit that she didn’t want to pay rent to her fiancé, who lives in his parent’s apartment. He asked the Redditor to move in with him while agreeing on not taking rent from her.

However, after a few months, her fiancé insisted she pays rent to his parents. She mentioned that he doesn’t have a job, and she is the one who earns money and pays for groceries. Moreover, her fiancé’s parents have no problem with her living in their apartment. She wrote:

“I’m hurt by his insistence, and it seems like wants me to provide for him financially, and it feels unfair that he would want me to pay rent on a place where he is living for free.”

She suggested shifting to a cheaper place and splitting the rent, but her fiancé couldn’t afford that. She asked other users for advice, and one of them wrote:


With the alarming divorce rates, most people now prefer delaying marriage and living with their partner to see if they are compatible. According to research, 59% of adults have lived with an unmarried partner, while 50% have lived with a spouse, showing how people have started preferring live-in relationships over marriage.

When a couple lives together without getting married, they expect to share their expenses equally. Some couples also agree that one person pays the rent and the other pays for groceries and utility bills. It depends on the couple on how they decide to split the expenses.

A Redditor posted that her boyfriend asked her to pay half the rent and bills while living at his place. She mentioned that she spends almost two weeks each month at her boyfriend’s house because he shifted to another location that’s far from her house. She lives with her parents and uses the train to see her boyfriend.

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Person holding utility bills.

Her boyfriend asked her to pay the rent for her time at his place and contribute to the utility bills. She disagreed because it was her boyfriend’s choice to move to an expensive place, and the money she spends on train tickets is equivalent to the utilities she uses at his residence.

Other users supported the woman, and some of them told her to end the relationship because her boyfriend’s demands weren’t fair. Splitting the expenses could be an option if the girl was living with her boyfriend full-time. Majority of people who live together agree to share the rent and bills.

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Couple sitting against the sunlight.


A user named Sizyanator posted that he kicked his girlfriend out because she refused to pay half the rent. She had been sharing the rent previously, but her pay got cut, and she had to pay for her education, so the couple agreed that the Redditor would pay the rent.

However, after getting a raise, the boyfriend asked her to share the rent again, but she got offended. She wanted to spend her money at the nail bar, buy new clothes and get expensive hair treatments. The Redditor lost his cool and asked her to leave because she was prioritizing luxuries over necessities. Did he do the right thing?

Woman holding credit card while laying beside her man | Source: Pexels

Woman holding credit card while laying beside her man.


What happens if you are living in a house that your partner owns? Do you pay the rent or live there for free? A girl found herself in a difficult situation when she decided to move into her boyfriend’s house. They decided to split the expenses evenly, including the mortgage payment. The girl wasn’t comfortable in doing that.

She didn’t want to split the mortgage payment because she wasn’t sure if they would be together in the future. If they weren’t, then she would have to leave the house knowing that she paid a chunk of the mortgage. Would it be fair to split the mortgage evenly in this case?

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Person calculating.

The expert replied that the girl should look at her relationship with her boyfriend like a tenant-landlord relationship. They advised her to find out the rent of nearby houses and pay that amount to her boyfriend as if she was a tenant. Thinking about it like that would make her feel better.

The expert also suggested paying half the mortgage if she doesn’t like this idea. No law can help her. It’s only a shift in mindset that will make things easier for her. On the other hand, a TikToker revealed that her boyfriend pays the rent and doesn’t know she owns the place.

Her confession clip went viral, and people split into two parties. One side said that the girl was using her boyfriend to earn money by keeping him in the dark, while the other party laughed it off and told the girl she made a smart move. They have been living together for a year, and the girl has owned the house for five years.

Should partners split the rent evenly no matter what their circumstances are? Or can they choose not to pay the rent because of a logical reason? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.


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