‘I’m not what she wants’

MARRIED At First Sight fans were left heartbroken as Morag Crichton and Luke Dawson break down in tears in tomorrow night’s commitment ceremony.

E4 fans were treated to a teaser clip at the end of tonight’s instalment, which showed the couple have an emotional conversation with the show’s experts.


Married at First Sight’s Morag breaks down in tears in tomorrow’s commitment ceremonyCredit: E4
Luke was also left in floods of tears as he shared his fears about his relationship


Luke was also left in floods of tears as he shared his fears about his relationshipCredit: E4

The veterinary nurse was left sobbing as she opened up about her personal life.

Holding back tears she said: “I don’t have a man in my life anymore.”

Morag said that she previously returned to the UK as her dad fell ill and then passed away It made her more determined than ever to find love.

Meanwhile, Luke was left in floods of tears as he shared his fears about not being Morag’s ‘type’.

Welling up, he admits: “I’m not what she wants.”

MAFS fans were gutted for the pair and predicted that this could be the end for the couple.

One wrote: “I think this will be Morag and Luke’s last commitment ceremony. She needs to go! #mafs”

Another posted: “I like Luke but really dislike Morag!”

A third shared: “Seeing Luke crying tomorrow is so sad…he deserves so much better. #marriedatfirstsight”

It comes after fans demanded Morag be kicked off the show after accusing her of bullying husband Luke over his appearance.

Viewers also called for producers to do more to “protect his mental health” after the Welshman admitted his confidence had taken a battering from his new wife.

Morag has been very vocal about how unattractive she sometimes finds her husband and tonight was no different.

Viewers were then left concerned for Luke when he revealed how every time Morag attacked his appearance by saying “you’re not my type, you don’t turn me on” he was left “heartbroken”.

He then said: “What more can I do? I’ve changed my image.”

Viewers were outraged by Morag and took to Twitter to demand she leave the show with one saying: “Morag needs to be removed! This is bullying!”

While another said: “We need to protect Luke at all costs please, that man is an actual angel”

This fan tweeted: “Morag hates that he’s not confident. So she slags him off and makes him even less confident. Sure. Makes sense.”

While this viewer was very concerned for Luke: “There needs to be a bigger conversation on how much Morag is effecting Luke’s mental health and his self esteem, Men can be insecure as well and we need to do more to tackle the stigma of them being confident and macho all the time!”

Another fan wrote: “This is hard to watch!”

This isn’t the first time Morag has been called out for attitude towards how her husband looks.

It all started after she met her groom at the alter – as she was then heard telling the camera that he was “not what she ordered”.

Then on their honeymoon Morag was called out for “emasculating” Luke.

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He was left in tears after she called him a boy and not a man after he failed to make a move on her.

Morag said: “I feel like you’re not treating me like I am your wife. I just want you to be a bit more manly. A bit more romantic.

“I want to fancy you. I do. You’re lovely, but I just need more man than boy.”

She was also critical of his appearance and style, doubting whether he was the man for her.

Speaking to camera, Luke teared up as he said it confirmed his worst fear, that he wasn’t good enough for his wife.

MAFS' fans have called Morag's comments 'dangerous'


MAFS’ fans have called Morag’s comments ‘dangerous’Credit: E4
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