I’m on the Mediterranean Diet — Favorite Things to Get at Aldi

Tinned beans, vegetables, and fish are absolute staples in my diet.

I always stock up on my cupboard essentials at Aldi, including tins of chickpeas, chopped tomatoes, black beans, mixed beans, and butter beans.

I try to have a few vegetarian days a week to balance my diet and mix up my recipes, so I’ll make hearty black-bean burgers with bell peppers, onion, garlic, spices, feta cheese, eggs, and a tin of black beans.

I also use chickpeas in my veggie curries, pasta sauces, and salads to add a little extra protein boost.

A can of chopped tomatoes always comes in handy and will often be used for a morning Shakshuka (a one-pan egg dish) or last-minute pasta sauce.

I also like to grab a few tins of fish, like tuna or sardines. I find tinned fish pretty much tastes the same no matter the price point, so the cheap options at Aldi make easy lunches.


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