I’m the world’s cheapest woman – I get my flowers from hospital patients and remove my make-up with dryer sheets

A SELF-CONFESSED cheapskate has revealed how she saves thousands a month with her extreme money-saving ways.

Lisa DiMercurio, from Southern California, works as an estate agent, selling  million dollar must-see properties to wealthy clients.

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Lisa DiMercurio saves every penny she possibly can[/caption]

YouTube/ TLC

She nabs flowers left by hospital patients for free[/caption]

YouTube/ TLC

And she has twelve uses for dryer sheets, including deodorant[/caption]

But at work or home when it comes to spending money, she is non-negotiable.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskate, she explains: “When you’re on commission at real estate you never know when your paycheck is going to be.

“I can close five deals in a month and sometimes it can go many months without a paycheck.

“But the bills keep on rolling in so that’s why I like to be cheap and save money.”

So when she’s decking out a show home, Lisa cuts costs wherever she possibly can- even filling the homes with her own furniture to save on hiring them.

And while she’s well aware that fresh flowers can help with the sale of a house, she’s not prepared to fork out for them, instead visiting the local hospital to collect any leftover blooms that would have otherwise been binned.

She says: “I’ve got this really cute guy who works at the hospital and he lets me know when people are checking out

“Realtors could spend anywhere from $100-$1000 (£71-£720) on flowers to make open houses look really good. I spend $0 on the flowers for my open house.”

And it isn’t just at work where Lisa is fiendishly frugal – with the mum finding plenty of ways to cut the costs at home.

She says: “I use a dryer sheet probably a dozen times, I use it in the dryer about two times. Dryer sheets are great to put in your shoes because it makes your shoes smell fresh.

“I also use it to remove my makeup off my face and it’s great for cleaning the bathroom.

“If your deodorant isn’t working you can also rub it there for a quick fix.

“After about five times, I’ll wash them and have hangers to dry them.”

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