I’m trolled for my hairy face & told I look like a man but I know I’m sexy and attractive

A WOMAN who is constantly trolled for her hairy face has hit back at haters, reminding them that she is “sexy and attractive.”

TikTok user Sare was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal condition that can cause male-pattern hair growth, in her teens.


Sare has hit back at cruel trolls who targeted her over her facial hair, telling them she is sexyCredit: TikTok
Sare has PCOS which means she is prone to growing excess body hair, but she is totally accepting of her body


Sare has PCOS which means she is prone to growing excess body hair, but she is totally accepting of her bodyCredit: TikTok

She now shares videos promoting body positivity with her 7000 strong TikTok following after learning to embrace her hirsutism. 

Speaking in a video she said: “I have PCOS and my body produces more male hormones and that’s why I have excess body hair like facial hair.

“I went for laser hair removal at the age of 18. The therapist told me to shave before the first treatment. The laser didn’t work and this is what I’m left with.

“I’ve accepted myself and I’m happy, shaving is part of my daily routine.”

Sare, who lives with her wife, now spends £40 a month on razors and while her body hair is “unwanted” she says it in no way makes her “ugly.”

She told her followers: “Girls you are so much more than your facial hair. Just because you have facial hair doesn’t mean that you can’t feel sexy or attractive.

She also revealed other taunts people had issued her with – including that she ‘looked like a man’.

“Having facial hair does not make you ugly, no matter what people say,” she added.

And while Sare’s self-acceptance has drawn lots of negative attention from trolls, she has received equally positive feedback from women inspired by her message.

One of her followers wrote: “I love your confidence girl!”

“Preach!” wrote another, while a third added, “I absolutely find you amazing for embracing this.”

What is polycystic ovary syndrome?

It occurs when the sacs the ovaries sit in are unable to release an egg, which means ovulation doesn’t happen.

For many, the only hint of PCOS is irregular periods, while in more severe cases sufferers can be left with embarrassing hair growth on their faces, chest, back and backside.

Medics don’t yet know what causes polycystic ovary syndrome, according to the Mayo Clinic.

But there are several factors thought to play a role, including:

  • excess insulin in the body – if you have too much insulin in your body it may increase your androgen (male hormones) production which could interfere with your ovaries ability to ovulate.
  • low grade inflammation – some research has shown that women with the condition suffer from low grade inflammation, which can stimulate the ovaries to produce androgen.
  • it’s hereditary – the chances are that if your mother or sister suffers with polycystic ovaries then you will develop the condition too.
She wants to remind other women that having facial hair doesn't mean that you're unattractive


She wants to remind other women that having facial hair doesn’t mean that you’re unattractiveCredit: Tiktok/@ thatgirlsare
Bearded woman Nova, 26, who has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) on embracing her facial hair

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