In a Bizarre Situation, Hospital Charged US woman $11 for Crying During Surgery

Even if the operation is relatively minimally invasive, surgery may be a nerve-racking and anxiety-inducing experience for many people. Patients might lose their calm and even have breakdowns just before undergoing surgery. As a result, clinicians are obliged to do all possible to keep patients quiet and composed.

However, patients’ emotions and worries cannot always be managed or suppressed. Charging someone for a rush of emotion is a completely separate topic that has to be discussed.

A lady claims she was billed for weeping during her operation. Her Twitter revelation has sparked widespread outrage and raised concerns about the complexities and processes of the American healthcare system. Midge, a netizen from the United States, posted a picture of her mole removal operation cost on the internet.

Surprisingly, the bill includes an outrageous price in addition to the surgical necessities. The message has now gone viral, garnering many reactions from Twitter users. The image in the tweet depicts the bill, which reveals that the woman was charged USD 11 (roughly Rs 817) for displaying “brief emotion” during the procedure.

“Mole removal costs $223. “Crying: extra,” the caption says.

Since being shared on September 29, the post has received over 1.9 lakh likes. Netizens were taken aback by the unusual allegation. While some spoke harshly about the US healthcare system, others offered their personal experiences with a comparable issue.


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