In a Viral TikTok Video A Woman Shows off Her Twin Daughters at seven months old, weighing a whopping 20 pounds each

Alexis LaRue was undoubtedly excited to give birth to twin girls, but little did she expect they would, at seven months old, practically be the size of toddlers.

With the increasing popularity of TikTok, many moms have gone on the app to share what their children look like and the unique characteristics they have.

Woman Shows off Adorable Twin Daughters and Her Video Goes Viral over Their Size

However, it seems that Alexis LaRue stood out when claiming her babies were among the heaviest out there. At seven months old, her adorable girls already weigh a whopping 20 pounds each.

LaRue shared a video of herself struggling to carry her two kids on TikTok and immediately went viral with over 45 million views and thousands of comments. She captioned the post:

“Everybody [wants] to know if i’m just tiny or if my babies are just huge…”

It was clear that LaRue’s two girls were above the average size of a normal seven-month-old child, with their heads appearing to be slightly bigger than their mom’s.

They also covered LaRue’s entire torso as she carried them in front of her. Still, many wondered if the videos were edited or if the mom was just petite.

Another challenge involving babies previously circulated on TikTok is called the “Ugly Baby” challenge. 

According to LaRue, she is 5”3 in height and weighs 115 pounds, but it is possible that the angle of her phone made the babies appear quite bigger.

In truth, her kids reached the highest percentile for their weight and height. The mom also added that the videos were not tampered with. She said:

“If I knew how to edit my babies this good then I’d probably have a career in film or editing. I would not be living in an apartment!”

While many were shocked at her twins’ size, they still found the two girls adorable. Meanwhile, others had nothing kind to say and even accused LaRue of overfeeding the babies.

Another TikTok user, @shans1588, shared the size of her newborn and won the biggest baby challenge on the app. The mom revealed that she had her child at 38 weeks through cesarean section.

The not-so-little boy came out a staggering 14 pounds and six ounces and spent 11 days in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Being the biggest baby there, nurses couldn’t get him to fit in the regular clothes and diapers. Instead, they had to get some from the pediatrics section. The baby came home in clothes sized for six to nine months old.

Another challenge involving babies previously circulated on TikTok is called the “Ugly Baby” challenge. Lucy Baehr participated and immediately won.

Although she knew her baby looked different, Baehr did not take it to heart. She knew that babies develop and end up looking nothing like what they did as infants.


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