In her most recent court filing, Britney Spears makes strong allegations against her father, Jamie, regarding surveillance allegations.

Spears’ lawyer Mathew Rosengart filed new court documents Monday, suggesting Jamie and the conservators may have committed a crime, after the New York Times reported that Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears hired a security firm that allegedly kept track of the pop star’s communications. Former Black Box Security employee Alex Vlasov claimed there were hundreds of hours of recordings of Spears’ communication in the New York Times Presents documentary “Controlling Britney Spears.” According to Vlasov, the company bugged Spears’ bedroom. According to documents obtained by TMZ, according to Rosengart, some of the recorded communications may have violated the attorney-client privilege. Because California is a two-party state, all parties must agree to the recording of conversations before it can begin, according to Rosengart. Jamie and his “cohorts” secretly “captured audio recordings from Britney’s bedroom, including private communications with her children,” Rosengart wrote, which was “even more shocking.” “Unauthorized recording or monitoring of Britney’s private communications… represents an unconscionable and disgraceful violation of her privacy rights and a striking example of the deprivation of her civil liberties,” Rosengart said in a separate statement to Page Six on Monday. “Installing a listening device in Britney’s room would be particularly terrifying, and it would corroborate so much of her compelling, heartfelt testimony. Mr. Spears has crossed inexplicable boundaries. ”

According to Rosengart, the latest allegations mean Jamie will be “focused” on defending his “own interests, not his daughter’s (yet again).” He added the allegations of surveillance to his list of reasons for removing Jamie as a conservator in September. The next court date in the case is September 29. Rosengart has also stated that Jamie’s removal will not prevent future investigations into his conservatorship management.

“Even if Mr. Spears were to invoke the Fifth Amendment during his deposition, he would still be required to answer questions that would inform the Court’s decisions on these accounting and financial issues at a future evidentiary hearing,” Rosengart wrote. “Relatively, the mere invocation of the Fifth Amendment would be highly instructive and would also allow the Court or jury to draw an adverse inference based on that invocation.” Since 2008, Jamie has served as Spears’ conservator. On September, 7, he unexpectedly requested thаt the conservаtorship be terminаted, but he hаs repeаtedly denied аny wrongdoing. Jаmie declined to аnswer questions for the Times’ new documentаry аfter his teаm did not respond to the lаtest court filing. His аttorney told the New York Times thаt “аll of his аctions were well within the pаrаmeters of the аuthority conferred upon him by the court.” “His аctions were cаrried out with Britney’s knowledge аnd consent, аs well аs thаt of her court-аppointed аttorney аnd/or the court. Jаmie’s trаck record аs conservаtor, аs well аs the court’s endorsement of his аctions, speаk for themselves.


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