Increase in unemployment causes spike in job scams

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — As unemployment numbers remain higher than pre-pandemic years, an increase in scammers preying on those looking for work is on the rise as well.

Officials at the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas have some tips on how to avoid getting your bank account drained.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic hit everyone hard, leaving thousands in Texas unemployed, something scammers are taking advantage of.

“We have had some reports of imposters, where the scammers are impersonating an actual company and reaching out to job seekers,” President of BBB North Central Texas Monica Horton said.

Horton said that an increase in unemployment has left job scammers with more victims to prey on.

“In 2020 we estimate that there were 14 million victims with losses of 2 billion dollars. So, it’s always been a problem, job scams have always been risky but we have seen a recent increase due to the pandemic,” Horton said.

Horton said there are many ways to avoid a job scammer, but first and foremost always proceed with caution when applying for a position.

“Research that employer; if you are the least bit suspicious giving out bank account information, in some cases you may want to open up a completely different bank account to provide an employer if you’re suspicious or feel uneasy giving that information out,” Horton said.

Not only can these scammers cost you thousands of dollars, but you could also be an accomplice to fraud without even knowing it.

“The crooks will purchase merchandise with stolen credit cards, have it shipped to the employee, the employee will then repackage it and ship it out so all of that stolen merchandise is funneling through someone’s address,” Horton said.

In a time where many continue to struggle to find employment, Horton said do your research and never let your guard down.

For the complete study done by the Better Business Bureau on the recent increase in job scams, click here.

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