Incredible photo by mum catches moment seagull divebombs son, 11, as he enjoys ice cream

Mum-of-three Kasia Holzer caught the shocking moment with son Hugo, 11, on camera, with a tragicomic series of photos leaving people in stitches at the unfortunate event

Mum Kasia and son Hugo enjoy the autumn sunshine on Brighton Pier

Audacious heists have always attracted huge amounts of attention, as we’re gripped by the stunts required to pull it off.

From the Great Train Robbery to the Hatton Garden Burglary, there have been some incredible daring raids during history.

Now one daring seagull has risen to the top of the list, after their attempt to steal an ice cream was captured on camera.

Photos show the brazen gull dive-bombing a lad and successfully stealing the ice cream – without a single regret.

Mum-of-three Kasia Holzer caught the shocking moment on camera, with a tragicomic series of photos.

The first captures Hugo, 11, looking jubilant as he poses with a double cone Mr Whippy, smothered in chocolate sauce and adorned with two flakes.

The incredible moment a seagull steals ice cream of Hugo, 11


Triangle News)

Hugo, after the seagull stole ice cream, continues with the dessert


Triangle News)

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The next shows the cap-wearing lad happily scoffing at his treat, oblivious to the incoming airborne threat.

But a dramatic third shot shows the greedy gull swooping down from behind to steal a mouthful of Hugo’s ice cream while he was licking it.

Luckily, the pesky bird didn’t steal his 99p flake – and Hugo didn’t get into a flap, as he continued to eat the rest of his ice cream after the bird flew off.

Hugo, moments earlier, with ice cream.


Triangle News)

Kasia, 38, of Brighton, East Sussex quipped: “Moved to Brighton from London three years ago now and probably should know better what those birds are capable of.

“I was just capturing him enjoying his ice cream while watching the sunset. Totally forgot that we need to watch out for the seagulls.

“I was so content in that moment. The bird only took a bite of the ice cream. Even missed a flake. Hugo decided to continue eating the ice cream: five seconds rule.

“He was in shock and he wasn’t impressed!

Unsurprisingly, she admitted they are not keen on seagulls. “Well, they’re not our favourite birds out there,” she said.

“We love the sound of them, while indoors!”

She posted the hilarious snaps online and floods of people praised her photography skills and Hugo’s bravery.

“What an amazing shot,” said one woman.

“What a brave lad, too – I’d have run a mile and screamed the place down!”

Another added: “What a totally fabulous capture – by the seagull AND the photographer. Amazing.”

Others shared their similar horror stories of how idyllic British beach days have been blighted by seagulls.

One wrote: “One took the whole ice cream from my husband. He was left with the cone.”

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