Incredible Travel Hack Earns Woman Title Of ‘Legit Genius’


‘One of the best ideas’ of a TikToker’s life has earned her the title of ‘legit genius’ after she shared her secret to staying comfortable on long journeys. 

Anyone who’s been on a long haul flight will know that trying to sleep upright is less than ideal, no matter how many measures you take to try and make it more pleasant.

Unless you’re lucky enough to obtain a fully reclined bed in first class, you’re stuck with having to try and slowly move your chair so as not to annoy the person behind you, stretch your feet as much as possible when there’s luggage and lifejackets to contend with, and basically just accept that your neck is going to be at a very unnatural angle for the duration of your flight.

Person sleeping on plane (Alamy)Alamy

Travel pillows go some way in offering some support, but even if you do manage to get some sleep, chances are you’ll still wake up with shooting pains in your neck. In a bid to try and overcome this struggle, TikToker Kristen had the bright idea of purchasing a neck brace to offer much more support while travelling.

She explained: ‘I don’t know if anyone else has done it before, but this came straight from my brain on my last flight.’

Kristen, who goes by the handle @hellokristen on TikTok, came up with the idea after trying five different travel pillows without any success and wishing that something would just ‘hold [her] neck in place, kind of like a neck brace’.

The TikToker followed through on her idea and bought a brace for $7 from Walmart, explaining that she doesn’t care how she looks on long journeys – instead, it is ‘all about comfort’. Showing the brace in action, she continued: ‘When you lay back, your neck’s not going anywhere.’

See Kristen’s video below:

The idea has been met with praise by viewers, with one writing the kind of support offered by a brace was ‘exactly what [they] want in comfort’ while others revealed they’d been using the same hack for ‘years’.

One person responded: ‘Omg why have I never thought of this, you are a legit genius.’

Some people have pointed out that the neck brace may lead people to assume Kristen has an injury, though commenters joked she could use this to her advantage by getting help with her luggage. It might not be the most stylish way to travel, but if it keeps the neck pains away I’m sure people will be willing to give it a go.


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