Incredibly Wholesome Moment Teachers Address Dating Rumours Going Around About Them


As primary school children, the biggest gossip was who had the latest playground crush, the best Match Attax cards, or spying on teachers flirting with each other in the corridor. 

However, two teachers decided to address dating rumours about them in front of their entire class, which turned into an extremely wholesome moment.

If you needed some motivating Monday content to make you believe that true love is indeed still possible, then this video gives you all the hope you need.

Wholesome Moment Teachers Address Dating Rumours to Class (Alamy)Alamy

The video, posted by Twitter user, Giles Paley-Phillips, shows two teachers standing bravely at the front of the classroom, letting students in on their secret.

Science teacher Mr Seifert decided to give in to his fifth-grade students and address romantic rumours flying around about him and fellow teacher, Miss Barker, after being hounded during break time.

The video initially starts ominously, with students being asked to raise their hands if they had heard the rumours, uncertain as to what would happen if they admitted to such gossiping.  However, Mr Seifert then decided to reveal whether he and Miss Barker were, in fact, dating or not and also if they were even a ‘little bit more than dating’, leading to a massive surprise for both the students and Miss Barker.

Mr Seifert not only reveals to his class that the dating rumours are true, but that he is actually in love with Miss Barker. He then proceeds to get down on one knee and propose in front of the entire class, causing the children to cheer wildly.

The video has amassed over 1.2 million views, 26,100 likes and 560 comments, with viewers taking to the tweet with equal enthusiasm as the screaming and cheering class. One said: ‘Ok. Crying.’

Lovely, and also crying. But… what if she had wanted to say no, or can I think about it; those kids wouldn’t have made that remotely possible!

A third commented: ‘I actually love this and had a nosy on Facebook. Did a quick search of his name as I needed to know if it worked out and yes they married and they’ve had a baby too, fantastic!’

I’m not crying, you’re crying.


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