IndiGo places an order for 300 A320neo family aircraft


The low-cost airline, IndiGo has reportedly announced that it has placed an order to get 300 aircraft FROM a320neo line-up. The recent announcement also suggests that IndiGo has ordered to buy 300 aircraft of three distinctive models such as A320neos, A321XLRs and A321neos.

Given that the order of buying 300 aircraft is much significant, the airline is yet to disclose the proper or the exact value it is investing in buying these family aircraft. IndiGo is aiming to become one of the massive low-cost airlines across the country. In an official statement, IndiGo said that once they will receive the order, the total number of family aircraft of the A320neo will be around 730, which is a vast number.

IndiGo is making a big move

The CEO of Indigo, Ronojoy Dutta said that the recent order that the company has a place is a significant milestone for them. As a developing country, India is being seen in continuing the strong growth of its aviation. In addition to this, the airline also wants to serve many customers as it can and the new initiative by the company is an integral part of its commitment.

The addition of 300 more aircraft would mean that the fares are going to be excruciatingly low as compared to their counterparts. Also, the bulk order of buying 300 aircrafts is also deemed as the largest order to have been ever made by an airline in India. From 2005 to 2015, IndiGo had sought to order 530 Airbus planes. CEO of Airbus also said that they are happy with the order that IndiGo has placed to buy the A320neo aircraft.


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