Influencer captures man’s awkward comeback after she rejected him at the gym

Social media influencer Avrey Ovard was filming her workout when a man approached her in the gym to ask her out, and then became defensive when she told him she was “too young” for him

The video has been viewed more than two million times

An influencer’s video has gone viral after she inadvertently filmed the moment a man asked her on the date at the gym – and his very awkward response when she turned down the offer.

Avrey Ovard posted the video on TikTok, along with a caption reading: ‘LEAVE WOMEN ALONE!!!!’, and the clip has since racked up more than two million views.

It shows the 19-year-old stretching on a mat in the gym when a man she estimated to be in his 40s approached her to ask if she was taking a video of herself.

He then returns five minutes later and asks her name, before telling her that he was about to have physical therapy to help him recover from a torn muscle, gesturing to his ankle.

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The man then adds: “When I’m able to get out, you might not be here. I wanted to get your number for dinner.”

When he extends his phone towards Avrey, she says: “Oh, I’m sorry, I’m too young for you”, at which point the man says: “Oh yeah? Well I’m too rich for you.”

In a longer YouTube video, Avrey says: “You can just see it on my face that I just could not believe that that happened.”

The clip gained thousands of comments, as one viewer wrote: “The way he gets immediately defensive when you were perfectly reasonable lol… ok fully grown man child.”

“He literally said I’m too rich to make himself [feel] better and to feel like he one upped you because you said you were too young and [he] can’t take rejection.”

And in a nod to Avrey’s social media accounts, boasting hundreds of thousands of followers across multiple platforms, another added: “The fact she’s probably richer than him…”

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