Influencer left with one boob bigger than the other after breastfeeding mishap

A new mum was baffled when she woke up with one boob bigger than the other after feeding her newborn daughter.

Influencer Abbie Herbert, from the US, recently sought help from TikTok after believing the problem started when her baby, Poppy, started only breastfeeding from one particular boob.

“Okay so here’s the things no one tells you about, like after giving birth,” she says in her video.

“So Poppy loves to breastfeed but she’s very particular on what side she likes, so she’s right sides.

“I said ‘Girl, right side’s yours. You love it, it is yours.'”

She brushes away her long tresses to the back and reveals the problem that bothers her.

Abbie said she left her daughter to nurse on one side of her breasts

“Well, someone forgot to remind me what could happen if you let your baby only feed on one boob. This is hard as rock, you know, it’s not an implant, just my boob,” the mum continues.

“And this one seems to be missing – is it like normal? Will this ever go back? Someone, help?”

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She also said that her breasts looked even in size before feeding Poppy, adding that she also pumped and alternated the sides.

Abbie explained: “I just nursed Poppy and you can see, it’s not large at all times, they are both empty.

“I do pump and I do alternate, so this is me before bed. I’m going to finish this video in the morning.”

And 12 hours later, the swelling happened again.

But the next day she woke up with a 'rock hard' boob on the left and the swelling won't go away
But the next day she woke up with a ‘rock hard’ boob on the left and the swelling won’t go away

Some parents shared their personal experience and advised Abbie to take her daughter to a paediatric chiropractor.

One said: “The reason they like one side better than the other is their neck needs an adjustment.”

A doctor wrote: “Make sure you pump the side that she’s not nursing on, with similar regularity to her nursing!”

“The worst was when they slept all through the night for the first and I woke up to both like that,” a mum shared.


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