Influencer shares second apart side by side snaps to show her ‘real’ body

Instagram can often be a place of comparison, which can lead to many people having toxic views on their own lives and bodies.

So one woman has made it her mission to inspire her followers by posting ‘realistic’ pictures of herself.

Victoria Garrick – an influencer, mental health advocate and former volleyball player – took to social media to show fans how easy it is to be “deceived” online.

In her latest Instagram post, Victoria shared a series of side by side snaps with her 339,000 followers.

She took the images seconds apart to show how much you can manipulate your body by posing cleverly.

Victoria captioned the inspirational post: “I post side by sides like this to show how images can deceive us…”

The influencer and mental health advocate often posts motivational content for her followers

She continued: “Scrolling through carefully curated pictures online can trick us into thinking that there is only ONE way for our bodies to look.

“If I had only posted the pictures on the left, you might walk away thinking THAT is what my body looks like all the time.

“But the truth is, ALL bodies look TONS of different ways depending on lighting, clothing, the angle, the pose, and the day! (These pictures were taken just moments apart yet my body looks drastically different in each pic.)

“Neither photo of me is better or worse, all are just simply MY BODY!”

In the first series of snaps, Victoria can be seen side by side crouched down in some bright red gym leggings.

Victoria Garrick
Victoria shows how easy it is to alter the appearance of your body by simply posing

The snap on the left shows Victoria wearing her leggings high waisted to create a cinched in look.

However, on the right side the influencer is wearing the gym attire low waisted to show off her stomach.

In the next comparison photos, Victoria posted a snap of her back to the camera showing off her black sports bra.

But, like in the first set of pictures, the stunning influencer posted a comparison to show the difference between being posed and being relaxed.

On the left side, the former athlete has her arms to the front which is tensing her back.

Victoria Garrick
The influencer shows the comparison of intensely posing to being relaxed

Highlighting how angles can change the appearance of your body, Victoria places her arms by her side to show a more relaxed looking back.

The former athlete added: “And yes, of course you can rock a cut out sports bra no matter what your back looks like! The pic on the right is what my back looks like naturally, on the left I was intensely posing and uncomfortable.”

In the last of the ‘realistic’ snaps, the popular influencer demonstrates how easy it is to alter the appearance of your body by how you are sat.

On the left side, Victoria is wearing her gym leggings high waisted.

She puts her legs together and leans slightly forward to accentuate her hourglass figure.

Victoria Garrick
The former athlete has inspired followers in her latest post

However on the right side, the influencer is sitting relaxed with her red leggings at her hips to expose her tummy.

Inspired by the post, people rushed to the comments to share how the motivational snaps had affected them.

One person commented: “Today I was not feeling well with my body. Thanks for this, we are only human and that is completely fine.”

Another person added: “Thank you so much for these posts, it has honestly changed so much for how I view online images and my own body. Also fight on!”

And a third user noted: “You are my INSPIRATION. Thank you, I love you so much.”

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