Influencer takes gym snaps seconds apart to expose ‘reality’ behind fitness pics

Social media influencer Bree Lenehan has exposed her “real” body to fans in a new self-love post.

The Australian fitness star took to her Instagram page to post photos that were taken seconds apart as she showed the reality of Instagram posts and posing.

One photo saw the 25-year-old sucking in her stomach and flaunting her abs while wearing a teal sports bra and matching shorts.

Then in the second photo, Bree was seen breathing out while in the same gym attire.

The stunner also shared similar pictures in the outfits while posing from the side.

And she continued on the trend in a yellow pattered sports bra and shorts too.

The influencer urged her followers to be “kind” to themselves and their bodies

Bree shared the photos as she urged her 462,000 followers to be “kind” to themselves and their bodies.

She wrote: “The words ‘I am’ are powerful, because whatever you follow it up with has the power to make or break you.

“Your body hears it. Your mind hears it. You feel it.

“As an experiment, I stood in front of the mirror after a shower, looked at myself & said ‘I’m ugly’ — I instantly felt sad & it became so much easier to start picking out the things I didn’t love.

“The negative thoughts were almost instantaneous.”

Influencer Bree Lenehan shares comparison gym wear pictures
She said she’d never allow her future children to hear her say that she’s ‘ugly’ or ‘gross’

She continued: “But then I closed my eyes, refreshed my mind, opened my eyes again & said ‘I’m beautiful’ — that instantly felt better.
“I instantly felt kinder towards myself. I noticed I started to smile at my reflection.

“I know it won’t be as easy as that for everyone, so please don’t feel like a failure if you can’t bring yourself to be kind BUT please try to remember that when you speak about yourself throughout the day (every day), your mind & body takes that in.

“It starts to become part of your identity. And not only does your body take those comments in, your friends, your family, your colleagues, your audience online does too.”

Influencer Bree Lenehan shares comparison gym wear pictures
Fans thanks Bree for the body positive post

Bree went on to say that she would never allow her future children to hear her say that she’s ‘ugly’ or ‘gross’.

Instead she told fans she would want them to hear that she feels proud of herself and is “worthy”.

Bree titled the post as ‘A healthy dose of reality’ and used hashtags such as #igvsreality #realness and #selflove.”

Her fans were loving the candid post, with it racking up more than 26,000 likes.

One exclaimed: “Thanks for your amazing body positive posts!”

While another added: “Really needed to hear this today! Thank you for continuing to share such helpful and inspiring content.”

A third chimed in: “I’ve got to make sure to follow that advice for my three daughters. You have the happiest smile I think I’ve ever seen.”

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