Influencer takes snaps seconds apart to show how Instagram photos are ‘set up’

A stunning influencer opened up this week about the pressures of social media – and how people make themselves look so good online.

Abigail Rae Beckwith, @ iamabbyrae, from Chicago US, has over 61,000 Instagram followers.

Her fans love to check out the blonde bombshell’s stylish outfits and hear about her body positivity journey.

Now, we all know that social media can make you compare yourself negatively to others and even struggle with self-image.

That’s exactly what Abigail commented on in a recent post.

She showed off the simple difference a pose can make in a side by side snap of herself taken on the same day.

In the first image, she pouted and held her shoulders back while crossing her knees to make herself look slimmer.

Abigail showed the difference a pose can make

In the second, the influencer rolled down her leggings, put her hands on her hips and gave the camera a toothy grin.

Captioning the snap, Abigail said: “Now back to our regularly scheduled content..

“Love the s*** out of yourself cause you’re a babe. Not just when you’re perfectly posed and dressed. But all the time.

“It’s really hard to not compare yourself to people. On the gram. In real life. But please, don’t.

“I’ve said it before, but for anyone new here, I promise the pictures you’re seeing are set up just right, and took planning and preparation. I’m not gonna pretend I don’t do it.”

Abigail wants people to stop comparing themselves to others online
Abigail wants people to stop comparing themselves to others online

She continued: “But I also try to be transparent and vulnerable with you guys. The truth is comparison truly is the thief of joy.

“You could waste your whole life worrying about your body and how it doesn’t compare. But what kind of life is that?

“I try really hard to share the truth with you. And this is the truth, everyone has insecurities. Even the person you want to look just like. Stretch marks, rolls, and cellulite are normal.

“Your body is constantly changing and evolving, of course there’s going to be marks and reminders of your change. I implore you to remind yourself of all the great things you are instead of comparing yourself to others.

“Loving yourself needs to be your priority. Loving yourself in all forms.”

And, Abigail’s followers loved the message.

“Love your page,” said one person.

Another noted: “Always love your vulnerability.”

“I don’t see ANY imperfections,” posted a third.

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