Influencer terrifies fans by ‘jumping off cliff’ and disappearing from view

A TikToker startled fans when she “jumped off a cliff” in a viral video – but not everything was as it seemed.

Monica Sanluis, from Hawaii, made a clip to tease herself that she couldn’t handle her drinking anxiety.

She posted: “When your friends wanna talk about what happened at the bar last night.”

The fashion influencer walks towards the edge of a platform covered in astroturf with the North Pacific Ocean seen in the background and all of a sudden, takes a leap and disappears over the edge.

The cameraman pans the phone around and Monica is nowhere to be seen.

Monica left her viewers baffled when she took a leap off a cliff

Viewers were baffled and were fearful of where she had ended up.

But in a later post, she shared a “cliff reveal” video to show what really happened.

She re-enacts the scene but this time, the camera pans forward and Monica is seen stepping on a platform below.

Fans were still shocked to see the limited space on the cliff and the steep cliff below.

One said: “That is scarier than actually jumping off.”

“I would have landed weirdly and then rolled my ankle and then fallen to my left and then I’d just be rolling down the cliff at that point,” a second predicted her take on the action.

A third added: “The margin of error is massive here.”

But Monica assured them that “it’s much bigger” than how it was shown on camera.

Last month, a hiking influencer died after falling while taking a photo at the edge of a waterfall.

She jumped off the platform and disappeared
She jumped off the platform and disappeared

Viewers said the ledge underneath the viewing platform gave them anxiety
Viewers said the ledge underneath the viewing platform gave them anxiety

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Sophia Cheung, 32, was reportedly taking a photo near the edge of a waterfall on the Tsing Dai stream in Hong Kong, when she slipped and fell into a 16-foot-deep pool.

Her Instagram page declared: “Life should be fun not dumb” and is filled with photographs of her enjoying her past times.

Earlier this year, an influencer was run over by a truck after she fell off a motorbike.

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