Influencer wears £43,000 of wigs to find hair colour that is ‘most arousing’

An Instagram influencer has revealed that she has worn $60,000 (£43,700) worth of different wigs to try and find out which colour is the most “arousing”.

Model Lu Duarte, who was the winner of Brazil’s Miss Bum Bum beauty pageant in 2020, has a whopping 980,000 Instagram followers.

She describes herself as a “worldwide traveller” and often splashes out on expensive flights.

But, now it seems that the woman with the “best booty in Brazil” has been experimenting with expensive hair pieces.

The collection costs the same amount as a brand new car and includes hair pieces in pink, blonde, brown, candy floss, ginger and more.

Why? Model Lu explained that she was looking for the most attractive hair colour which encourages “sexual tension”.

Lu has an expensive collection of wigs

The curvy model said: “Hair colours are powerful for intimacy.

“I think a hair colour can influence a lot.”

Lu has posed for magazines wearing wigs and colourful hair extensions as well as having her own collection – and she’s decided on a winner.

According to the Brazilian, red hair is the sexiest.

Lu commented: “With the redhead, it was possible to reach the apex [orgasm] in much less time.

“Men also appeared more”.

Lu Duarte conducted an experiment using her many wigs
Lu Duarte conducted an experiment using her many wigs

Previously, Lu spilled about her biggest fetish.

She admitted she likes to be dominated claiming all the “slapping and whipping turns her on”.

The Miss BumBum winner said: “Being dominated turns me on, slaps, whips, leather clothes, domination…

“Everything is a matter of perspective and I don’t think this fetish is sexist. Anything goes in four walls.”

Do you think red hair is the sexiest colour? Tell us in the comments section…

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